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We are authorized for the first time in "music in the dark" Yokohama-shi by Tokyo 2020 authorized program


"Music in the dark ... obstacle and arts in Yokohama" are Yokohama-shi and authorize for Tokyo 2020 authorized program for the first time


 We hold cause of concept, "supermarket is universal", "music in the dark - obstacle and arts in Yokohama" on Thursday (holiday) on November 3.
 This performance was authorized as Tokyo 2020 authorized program (the Tokyo 2020 official recognition culture Olympiad) performed targeting at held cities of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
 We connect with mood breeding of Tokyo 2020 meeting from Yokohama by sending program being aware of such variety and harmony.

1 performance summary

◎Music in the dark performance handbill surface (Portable Document Format: 114KB) / back side (Portable Document Format: 1MB)
  ※We arrange in ward office, city culture facility.

 Tsugio Tokunaga photographNarimichi Kawabata photograph
 (the left: the Tsugio Tokunaga (C)K.Miura/ right: Narimichi Kawabata)

[the date and time]
 The curtain rises at 14:00 on Thursday (holiday) on November 3, 2016

[meeting place]
 firiahoru (green leaves inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center)

 Tsugio Tokunaga (violin)
 Narimichi Kawabata (violin)
 Special formation ensemble group

 Milstein: paganiniana (variation for violin solo)
 Chrysler: Recitative and scherzo caprice Op.6
 izai: No accompaniment violin sonata third D minor Op .27-3
 Johann Sebastian Bach: From no accompaniment violin partita second BWV1004 "Chaconne"
 Vivaldi: From the violin concerto "four seasons" "summer" "winter"
 Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto D minor BWV1043 for two violins

 All seat designation S seats: 5,000 yen, A seat: 4,000 yen
  ※One you have discounts student (25 years old or younger), disability certificate each 10% of seats (we treat only wide Otho ticket center telephone receptionist)
  ※Please refrain from companion, entrance of preschool child.

 Under release
 ◇Wide Otho ticket center (Kanagawa Arts Council)
  Telephone: 045-453-5080 (we take a rest on Sundays and holidays for from 10:00 to 15:00 on Saturday for from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays)
  WEB: http://www.kanagawa-geikyo .com

  Telephone: 045-982-9999 (we take a rest every month on third Wednesday for from 11:00 to 18:00)

 ◇Ticket Pia
  Telephone: 0570-02-9999 [P cord: 303-269]
  WEB: http://pia.jp/t/

 Sponsorship: Yokohama arts Festival executive committee
 The cosponsorship: Tokyo art university COI base "handicap and expression study" group
 Support: City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat
 Production: Company 1002

 ※Performer, program, music order may be changed by circumstances.

 Press release document (PDF: 627KB)

The Yokohama arts Festival executive committee secretariat
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