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[recruitment of participants] Dance instruction direct gills hochirudo starring in "JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY", Miku Moriyama for children


Dance instruction direct gills hochirudo (person of choreography, dancer) starring in "JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY", Miku Moriyama (actor, dancer) for children! Recruitment of dance workshop participants for students!


 We hold gills hochirudo, dance workshop by Miku Moriyama as upbringing program in the next generation of Yokohama art action business to provide opportunity to mention high quality art to children carrying the next generation.
 Because topic product "JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY" where two people made coproduct was presented again following presentation in Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2015 of last year in Aka Renga Soko Building No. 1 in January, 2017, it came true.
 We add to workshop of dance expressed in work of physical training method "GAGA" and "JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY" from Israel abreast of dance of various genres and hold talk session by lecturer and participant!

 ※For more details, please see official homepage
"JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY" photo: bozzo

1 workshop

 ◆The date: Saturday, December 17, 2016 / Sunday, December 18, 2016 ※It is the contents with both days
 ◆Time, place: Studio (we tell only elected candidate) in from 13:30 to 16:30 (authority of both Communist Party of Japan), Yokohama-shi
 ◆The offer number of people: 30 every day
 ◆Entrance fee: Free of charge
  [1] Workshop of physical training method "GAGA"
  [2] From "JUDAS,CHRIST WITH SOY" ... dance workshop
  [3] Talk session by gills hochirudo, Miku Moriyama and participant
  ≪With reference >> "GAGA"
 It is Israeli dance company, person of choreography of bat Sheba dancing group and is method of movement that ohaddo naharin which is art supervision developed, and, regardless of genre and skill of dance, it is said to basics of all dances that it is.

  Sponsorship: Yokohama arts Festival executive committee
  The cosponsorship: Aka Renga Soko Building No. 1 [Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation]

About application to 2 workshops

 ◆Qualifications: High school student of residence in Yokohama-shi or attendance at school, specialty, university student
       ※One (genre of dance does not matter) more than dance experience one year
 ◆Application method: It is applied by application for official homepage form of "DanceDanceDance @ YOKOHAMA"
       Official homepage http://dance-yokohama.jp/
 ◆The application deadline: Wednesday, November 30, 2016
 ◆Election result: In the case of a lot of applicants, we draw lots and show elected candidate by Friday, December 2. (we get successful announcement with guidance to elected candidate.)

3 and others

 ◆Viewing: Except participation in workshop and coverage (application before important business) cannot see.
 ◆Shooting: We may perform photograph, video shoot of for public information and the media. We may use photograph and picture which we photographed for public information for advertising of Yokohama art action business. In addition, photograph and picture which we photographed of the media may be reported.

4 lecturer profiles

 Ella Rothschild (gills hochirudo)
 A in veredo birth of Israel. For 2002 through 06, we play an active part as dancer in bat Sheba dancing group for bat Sheba ensemble, 2008 through 10 until Inbal focus & avusharomu Pollack dance company, the next 2,008 years and dance ohaddo naharin, work of person of choreography such as Sharon ray Al. We appear on work of person of various choreographies as dancer of freelance based in Israel and win Dudu Dotan prize in 2013 and develop energetic activity afterwards. We participated in creation of musical "1 million times of live cat" (2013) in Japan.

 Miku Moriyama (there is forest Yamami) 
 It was born in Hyogo for 1,984 years. Actor, dancer. In late years we participate in dance work positively while we appear on many stage, movies, dramas. We stay in Israel as bunkachobunkakoryushi for one year from the autumn of 2013 and are active based in Inbal focus & avusharomu Pollack dance company. In late years, Toshiki Okada X Miku Moriyama "In a Silent Way," Kohei Nawa X Damiens frisks; "Vessel" manager Shonichi Ri movie "anger."
 Wait product includes Hideto Iwai X Miku Moriyama X Kenta Maeno "namuhamudahamu" in stage "Metropolis" (direction, art Kazumi Kushida), February, 2017 in November.
  http://www.miraimoriyama .com

 ※For more details, please see official homepage


The Yokohama arts Festival executive committee secretariat
Mail: info@dance-yokohama.jp
URL: http://dance-yokohama.jp/
TEL: 045-663-1365 FAX: 045-663-5606