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"The fourth contact dance Festival in toressa Yokohama" holding!


[Yokohama art action business cooperation event]


"The fourth contact dance Festival in toressa Yokohama" holding!

It is "festival of dance" that spirit and smile that circle and group moving into action in dance school and area in Yokohama-shi perform and announce, and to interchange tie people to.

Dance team of various genres by general open call for participants appears.
We perform two copies (13:30-) of twice performances with part of event (11:00-), and there are dance interchange and guest-shot that all teams participate in the meantime and enjoy.

We assume "participation type event" more than frames of participant and the audience and hold noisily.

Contact dance Festival

Held summary

[name] The fourth contact dance Festival in toressa Yokohama

[venue] toressa Yokohama (700, Morookacho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi)

[on the date] December 4, 2016 from 11:00 to 17:00 (rain out)

[viewing charges] Free of charge
[sponsorship] Contact dance Festival executive committee

[the cosponsorship] World sa where festival executive committee having thick Yokohama good point, toressa Yokohama, k-one movement style dream are good for come

[support] Organizing committee which has thick Kohoku Ward government office, Yokohama arts Festival executive committee, Kanagawa good point

※We are holding dance workshop!
We announce exercise result in the fourth contact dance Festival in toressa Yokohama.
Anyone can participate even with friend alone.
November 26 becomes the last workshop.
13:00~14:00, place are the Shirohata district center at time.
For more details, please confirm formal HP!


World sa where K-one movement style dream is good for come
[Mail] yoiyosakoi@gmail .com

  The Yokohama arts Festival executive committee secretariat
Mail: info@dance-yokohama.jp
URL: http://dance-yokohama.jp/
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