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We hold "ONE PIECE" digital stamp rally in Yokohama!

January 15, 2018

  sarerukotoninarima held digital stamp rally which utilized quite popular animation "ONE PIECE" all over the world in Yokohama
   As we did, we will tell.
    "DMM VR THEATER" where this event is located near the Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi (operator: DMM.futureworks)
   Putting in this, and "Malin Ford ... of ONE PIECE dramatic stage THE METAL - recollection" being released
 It is held in commemoration of this.
  In Yokohama-shi, city company, facility is charm of Yokohama by supporting cooperation, large-scale event to cooperate, and to hold
 We publicize this and connect with sightseeing pulling in customers and regional activation.

Reference materials
 Press release document (PDF 312KB)