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Holding of 2016 Muslim tourist acceptance correspondence seminar

 We hold "2016 Yokohama-shi Muslim tourist acceptance correspondence seminar" on Thursday, February 23, 2017.
 We inspect Tokyo facility wrestling prior to acceptance of Muslim this time. Effectively plural facilities
It becomes visit society to move by bus to turn around.
 Therefore, seminar following in what recruit company in the city that can participate in the seminar concerned
You see the details, and I would like application.

 Seminar summary [842㎅]
 Application (word form) [65KB]

<holding date and time>
 Thursday, February 23, 2017 8: 45 - 17:45 (plan)

<offer staff>
 30 capacity ※First-come-first-served basis

> for <entrance fee
 Visit society participation fee is free
 ※It becomes participant burden about lunch. We plan Muslim-adaptive menu (sushi).

<application method>
 To JTB corporate sales corporation business Yokohama Branch that downloads application from the link mentioned above, and is trustee
 Please do FAX (045-316-5701).

<charge, inquiry >
 Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau Tourism Promotion Section
   Contact information 045-671-2596