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HAG (the handmade animation grand prix) 2017 "Yokohama prize" prize winner is decided!

Contest of short animation for the purpose of upbringing support of young animation writer, prize winner of three branches of Yokohama prizes of "HAG" (the handmade animation grand prix) were decided.

  By public selection presentation carried out with Ebisu garden cinema, we invited Manager Katsuyuki Motohiro of movie "Bayside Shakedown" series, Yuichi Ito of Director animation to judge, and three artists were chosen.
 Production costs of work are contributed to prize winner from Yokohama-shi, and work which we produced with the robot supervision is going to be shown in AEON CINEMA Corp. of each place.

 Yokohama-shi pushes forward promotion of Yokohama that utilized offer and picture of business opportunity to young animation writer through this approach.

             ※What is HAG (the handmade animation grand prix)?
Project to bring up young animation writer based on the current situation of business Japanese short animation world lacking in opportunity of becoming, and to support. We raise original short animation works and perform contest, and, to prize winner, opportunity and the production costs, opportunity to show work again in AEON CINEMA Corp. of each place to produce work with produce of robot are provided.

◇Look at the details in HAG official site.
 Press release document (Portable Document Format, 291KB)