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Radio program YOKOHAMA DELIGHT (Yokohama D light) which rediscovers charm of Yokohama

Radio program which rediscovers charm of Yokohama 

YOKOHAMA DELIGHT (Yokohama D light)

Program which allots spot for culture, art, sightseeing of "Yokohama", and conveys event information of the weekend and charm of various Yokohama. Of outing of the weekend please refer to!

◇The broadcast date and time: Every Thursday 8:40 a.m. - 8:50 a.m. (MORNING STEPS)
◇Broadcasting station: FM Yokohama (84.7MHz)
◇DJ: Haruhisa Kurihara
◇Reporter: Tami Yoshimura

Image of Haruhisa Kurihara Haruhisa Kurihara /Haruhisa Kurihara
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Image of Tami Yoshimura Tami Yoshimura /Tami Yoshimura 
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Broadcast content of from April, 2014 to March, 2015

※We deliver sound data. (please click link of broadcast content)
Broadcast content
Program blog
 March 26 Yokohama now up-and-coming as the stage of movie, drama        Blog button  
 March 19 Savanna entire surface opening of the park of ZOORASIA Africa         Blog button 
 March 12 Yokohama marathon        Blog button  
 March 5 Bay motorcycle renewal        Blog button
 February 26 Yokohama Archives of History "girls B is ambitious! Mission school ~ of ... Yamate, Yokohama"    Blog button  
 February 19 Yokohama-Chinatown "Vernal Equinox Day"        Blog button
 February 12 PHOTO YOKOHAMA /CP+2015        Blog button
 February 5 International stage art meeting in Yokohama (TPAM in Yokohama 2015)        Blog button
 January 29 Yokohama dance collection      Blog button  
 January 22 Yokohama bay side line Blog button
 January 15 House "& ima" which enjoys photograph       Blog button  
 January 8 Every month second Sunday "Yokohama Noh comedy temple"       Blog button  
 January 1 seitsukitsurukakerikakukokai which spends time in san*en      Blog button  
 December 25 Yokohama Marine Tower countdown      Blog button  
 December 18 Minato Mirai Night view       Blog button  
 December 11 Whistler exhibition of the 25th anniversary of the Yokohama-bijutsukan      Blog button
 December 4 Christmas of the Yamatenishi, Yokohama European-style building world        Blog button   
 November 27 Memory plan of Yokohama secret       Blog button  
 November 20 Colored leaves spot of Yokohama       Blog button 
 November 13 Classical music Yokohama 2014       Blog button  
 November 6 Yokohama citizen gallery transference is open      Blog button
 October 30 Smart illuminations      Blog button 
 October 23 Yamate Halloween walk       Blog button  
 October 16 Shin-Yokohama performance       Blog button  
 October 9 Hotchpotch music Festival       Blog button  
 October 2 Yokohama Doll Museum pre-cure temporary exhibition       Blog button  
 September 25 BUKATSUDO grand opening is imminent!       Blog button  
 September 18 Yellowtail rear short-short theater / art short film program       Blog button  
 September 11 Yokohama Triennale 2014       Blog button  
 September 4 san*enkantsukikai       Blog button  
 August 28 East Asia culture city 2014 Yokohama cafe - Yokohama side stage ...      Blog button 
 August 21 Virtual community Asian Koganecho bazaar 2014      Blog button  
 August 14 Zoo of yokohama night                  Blog button  
 August 7 Pikachu large quantities outbreak chu! at Minato Mirai, Yokohama                  Blog button  
 July 31 Yokohama Triennale 2014                   Blog button  
 July 24 Sculpture exhibition of Yokohama sand                   Blog button  
 July 17 Kanagawa Shimbun-sha fireworks display                   Blog button  
 July 10 yokohamahako iri daughter project 2014                          Blog button  
 July 3 God, advent of anison! Tanaka fairness with Yokohama pop music orchestra                        Blog button  
 June 26 Yokohama marathon 2015  Blog button  
 June 19 We go out on bay motorcycle Blog button 
 June 12 Music Masters course Japan Yokohama 2014 Blog button 
 June 5 Harmony of flower and container         Blog button 
 May 29 Yokohama opening of a port festival Blog button
 May 22 Yokohama central town festival "Y155"  Blog button 
 May 15 World triathlon series Yokohama meeting  Blog button
 May 8 choimobiyokohama  Blog button
 May 1 Park which has a cute the yokohama parade / Yokohama  Blog button
 April 24 Yokohama FURYU RINGS Co.,Ltd. fest 2014  Blog button
 April 17 Yokohama-bijutsukan "Japan woodcut of fascination"  Blog button
 April 10 yokohama flower and green spring fair tulip festival  Blog button
 April 3 Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra 2014 concert series  Blog button

※We may change broadcast content.


Past broadcast (... March, 2014)

From April, 2013 to March, 2014
From April, 2012 to March, 2013
From September, 2011 to March, 2012