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Administrative body was decided in the Yokohama creation city center (old first bank Yokohama Branch) next term

Administrative body was decided in the Yokohama creation city center (old first bank Yokohama Branch) next term

 After inviting public participation for next administrative body of Yokohama creation city center (old first bank Yokohama Branch), there was application from 6 people and, as a result of selection with engine attached to Motoichi, decided "(tentative name) advertising production port" (group name) newly as administrative body in the next term (from April 1, 2015 March 31, 2020).

Press release document is this.

In progress of past open call for participants, as for the details such as evaluation results, please see the following.

 Yokohama-shi promotes creation city measure for the purpose of making attractive city by creation activities of culture art while keeping local resources such as port or landmark architecture alive.
 As one of this business, we utilized old first bank Yokohama Branch as "Yokohama creation city center" from 2009. As a result of approach, accumulation of artist creator, creative town development advance.
 We aim at space that overflowed in originality and thing doing to raise more activation of this facility and civic sympathy for creation city Yokohama this time, and to plan recognition improvement and invite public participation for group to run for five years from April, 2015.

●Summary of this facility
●Open call for participants contents
●Question, answer about open call for participants
●The selection committee date
●Selection result 

         <the building appearance>                  <1F hall>                    

Summary of one facility
  Facility name: Yokohama creation city center (old first bank Yokohama Branch)
  The location :6-50-1, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
  <past process>
  We found as the first bank Yokohama branch in 1929 (Showa 4)
  We use as Bank of Yokohama Head Office annex in 1980 (Showa 55)
  2003 (Heisei 15), i*fukugenichibueika
           ・We are authorized by Yokohama-shi authorization landmark architecture
  We run as BankART1929 Yokohama, and NPO corporation BankART1929 starts in 2004 (Heisei 16)
  Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation runs as Yokohama creation city center, and they start in 2009 (Heisei 21)

2 open call for participants contents 

(1) Purpose of this facility and prospective creative activity
  Oh, many citizens touch creation city Yokohama, and raise understanding, sympathy to creation city Yokohama
   ・Activity to take gateway function to other creation neighborhood bases, and to send creative town Yokohama to home and abroad.
   ・Activity to make creative space that citizen visits routinely, and to promote understanding, sympathy to creation city Yokohama.
  You promote collaboration with i area, and contribute to activation of town
   ・Activity to promote collaboration with local people, group positively without remaining in activity in facility, and to contribute to activation of downtown area marine area part including around facility area.
  Cormorant non-; send new idea that turned to come, and raise citizen's creativity
   ・Activity that we approached for creative idea not to get snagged on conventional thought for various social problems (multicultural symbiosis, human rights, child care, aging, environment, resources).

(2) Structure of this facility loan
   Yokohama-shi is free, and it lends this facility to administrative body for five years until from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020 after having concluded agreement (it is said with "basic agreement" as follows) to affect business in this facility and administration, management between administrative body.

(3) Requirements of applicant
   We assume group with juridical person including public interest corporation and non profit organization, company with understanding and interest, the results for creation of culture art and activation of town.
   At the time of application, profit, non-profit shall not matter, but we establish corporation (non profit organizations) of start surumadeomedoni non-profit and shall run administration when profit organization is selected.

(4) Schedule (plan) of open call for participants
   ・Distribution start of open call for participants essential point :July 10, 2014
   ・The facility visit meeting application deadline :July 28, 2014 (the 17:00 deadline)  
   ・Facility visit meeting :July 30, 2014
   ・Question reception desk   :From July 31, 2014 to August 7
   ・Time     Answer   :The end during August, 2014  
   ・Reception desk of application   :From 9 to 10 on September in 2014 (the 17:00 deadline)
   ・Choice     Thought   :From the end of September, 2014 to the beginning of November
   ・Notice, publication of selection result: December, 2014
   ・Administration start   :After April 1, 2015

(5) About open call for participants essential points
   The details, please identify open call for participants documentation packages such as open call for participants essential points by all means.
  A open call for participants essential point
  i application dossier
   Collection of styles (cover)
    ※It is document which is necessary at the time of application. Please confirm contents by all means.
   Facility visit meeting and briefing session application (style A)
   Written inquiry (style B)
   Loan application (style C) of reference materials
   Application application (style 1-1, 1-2)
   Summary (style 2) of group
   Officer list (style 3)
   Written oath (style 4)
   Activity results book (style 5)
   Proposal (style 6 - 1-6 -7)
   Proposal (style 6-8)
   Written oath (style 7) of not carrying out profit business becoming taxable of corporation tax and municipal tax
   Proposal book about thing that does not need participation of labor insurance, employee health insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance (style 8)
   ●Reference materials
    After having had you submit "loan application (style C) of reference materials", there is document to lend.
     The details, please confirm following "document, reference website inspection".
   List of document, reference websites
   Collection of drawings
   Yokohama creation city center facility maintenance business consignment specifications, Yokohama creation city center cleaning duties specifications
   Incoming and outgoing that Yokohama creation city center is important in 2013, 2012
   2013 Yokohama creation city center number of people, availability and charge income
   Lists such as Yokohama creation city center equipment
   Guide of maintenance maintenance
   Facility check manual

Question, answer about 3 open calls for participants 
   It is answer to question that we had during question reception desk period.
   Question, answer about Yokohama creation city center (old first bank Yokohama Branch) administrative body open call for participants essential point

4 selection committee dates
  ・October 9, 2014
   Old first bank Yokohama Branch (Yokohama creation city center) business evaluation and administrative body selection subcommittee: Primary selection (paper screening)
  ・October 30, 2014
   Old first bank Yokohama Branch (Yokohama creation city center) business evaluation and administrative body selection subcommittee: The second selection (presentation hearing)
  ・December 3, 2014
   Yokohama-shi creation neighborhood formation promotion committee: Administrative body selection

5 selection results
(1) Next administrative body
  agurupu name
    (tentative name) Creative port
  i constitution group
    ・Off fashionable society
    ・Saison Museum of Contemporary Art
  Cormorant and others
    We are going to establish NPO corporation before administration start
(2) Business (plan) that is carried out ※We extract than application
  Oh, place where anyone can come across gathering, new possibility casually
   Cafe gallery shop which can enjoy cafe, meal while changing design, household articles, and appreciating picture
   Co-working space
   Library lounge to make with student, designer in DIY
   nadono new establishment
  We gather resource (person, industry and information) in the i city and set collaboration
   ・[creative industrial upbringing support] : Base to coordinate collaboration of creator whom accumulation went ahead through with a certain results company in the city, and to bring about new added value for business
   Town development laboratory which consists of member over many divergences such as architect, developer
  We cause creativity of u people and challenge social problem
   ・[fabu city] : Project made with furniture with citizen who utilized faburabo
   ・[design for all] : Conference, exhibition to widen new viewpoint to form the new future by power of design targeting at various people with handicap
   Picture appreciation classroom using work to possess of Saison Museum of Contemporary Art
   A lot of nadono program

6 and others
   For details, please see selection report.

 Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau creation city promotion section
 TEL :045-671-3864
  FAX :045-663-1928
 Mail: bk-ycc@city.yokohama.jp

◆Press release document
 Press release document at the time of publication is this