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We start "Yokohama-shi creator database" operation! It is dispatch ... in Web in creator information of ... culture art creation city, Yokohama

 Yokohama-shi is arts commission Yokohama toward realization of "culture art creation city, Yokohama"At the same time we pushed forward accumulation of artist and creator mainly on downtown area seaside part.

As a result, many artists and creators playing an active part at home and abroad gather in the city.

We launched site "Yokohama-shi creator database" superior in introduction, search feature of creator to send information of creator whom we accumulated, and to connect to business in the city, and to create new business opportunity.

 As we can search company information, expertise of creator, work example, please see by all means!

 <site name>

Yokohama-shi creator database

Top page of site 

URL https://acy.yafjp.org/creatorsdatabase/
※Link becomes page of arts commission Yokohama



Corporations where creator concerned with production or the graphic, Web, picture, photograph, illustration acts as representative


Company, NPO, mall, administration

<operation person>

Arts commission Yokohama


※Arts commission Yokohama (ACY)

 Artist gathering in Yokohama that Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation runs and consultation counter which supports various "leading figures of creation" such as creator, NPO, citizen, company, school through subsidy programs


◆Please refer to website for the details of usage and consultation.

 URL https://acy.yafjp.org/creatorsdatabase/


 Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau creation city promotion section 
 Creation town development project manager Kazumitsu Kawamoto TEL: 045-671-3425

 (public interest incorporated foundation) Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation
 Public information, ACY group long Akiko Ito TEL: 045-221-0212

◆Press release document

 Press release document is this