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"OPEN out of Kannai! We hold 8 on 11/5 (Sat) Sunday, November 6!

"OPEN out of Kannai! We hold 8 on 11/5 (Sat) Sunday, November 6!

"OPEN out of Kannai! We hold 8 on 11/5 (Sat) Sunday, November 6!

In Yokohama-shi, we raise "culture art creation city, Yokohama". We have artist and creators gather in this town, and it is said to heap up town by interchanging with citizen or company, and making charm only in Yokohama.
By this event, we suggest "downtown festival" to enjoy with artist and creator as Kannai, new life culture out of Seki.

We usually visit the original spot of "manufacturing" not to accept and see work and are experience-based event to participate in workshop and talk event. As for the genre, art, graphic design, building, picture, photograph, foods are varied. We can enjoy each event while making an excursion in studio dotted around Kannai Station of Yokohama.
 Eyeball of this year special event "park festival of road" (carry out only on 6th). We spread lawn to fill some roads of "Sakura Dori" in Kannai and are event to enjoy art and design, meal of local production for local consumption. Oh, we offer event that is surprise to be surprised at.
 In two days, it is art & design event to be able to enjoy "now" of advertising production of Yokohama.

   As adult prepares for event that child can enjoy, come by all means!




Experience-based event

We enter artist, workshop of creator and have a creative experience with them.
Even family can enjoy event in studio which was totally invited to house by couple in peace alone.
So that because there is number of people-limited event, application hastens.


Special event "park festival of road"

We hold "park festival of road" as experimental approach.
Various with chalk on opening cafe which we blockade part of Sakura Dori and pull lawn there, and foods & drink of local production for local consumption can enjoy in Kannai, manufacturing experience, road on artist, parking day.



Summary of <event >

[exhibition period] From Saturday, November 5, 2016 to Sunday, November 6
[venue] Basyamichi, Motomachi, Chinatown, Kannai, Sakuragicho, studio around Ishikawa-machi each station, street of Kannai
[rate, application] As it depends on event, please see homepage

[sponsorship] Arts commission Yokohama (Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation), each participation studio

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