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Next-generation upbringing by culture, art


[the offer end] We invite junior high student to musical "Phantom of the Opera" Yokohama performance in the theatrical company four seasons (7/21, 7/28, 8/1, 8/2)

 We can participate in backstage tour of privilege 8/2 holding!
 "Phantom of the Opera" that is staged in city of 164 of the world in 35 countries, and continues attracting more than 140000000 people. The global impression to Yokohama! If is invited to solemn sound of pipe organ, there are Paris of the 19th century, opera house as gorgeousness. Story ... of the saddest love that the finest music of dazzling stage which reproduced those days faithfully until it is fine and reaches of clothes, device which we put device of surprise for and composer Andrew Lloyd = Weber draws. Do you not appreciate masterpiece glittering in musical history in summer vacation?
 Phantom of the Opera

[the theatergoing date]
Friday, July 21, Friday, July 28, Tuesday, August 1, Wednesday, August 2
The 13:30 start (we include ※ break for approximately two hours 40 minutes at presentation time)

[the backstage tour date]
Wednesday, August 2
From 16:30 to 17:30 (plan)
Person participating in 4-day musical appreciation party can participate in anyone.

KAAT Kanagawa art theater <hall>
Access method this (link to page of KAAT)

[the offer number of people]
75 every day (300 people in total)
※In the case of a lot of applicants, it is drawn lots.

[the application deadline]
It must arrive by Friday, June 9, 2017

[targeted for application]
Yokohama-shi residence, junior high student of attendance at school
※On the day we may confirm with student handbooks.

[application method]
Application with double postal card. We can apply to two people. To once alone as for the application.
In the case of zip code, address, full name (furigana), phone number of all the participants, school name, school year, theatergoing preferred date (when any schedule is good only on 1st so), backstage tour participation hope, write so signature, private seal of participation consent of protector, address, full name of reply side on letter sent to get a reply side; and at the following.  
※Person arriving with wheelchair, please list so.
※When there is not mention of required items, we do not become a target of selection.
※Please put 10-yen stamp on reply side of double postal card (for rise in price of the postage).
※Shipment of lottery result plans the beginning of July.
※We do not use personal information other than this business.

〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 
It is addressed to Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau Cultural Promotion Division "theatrical company four seasons musical person in charge"


 Application postcard

 We can download offer flyer from this (Portable Document Format /835KB)


"Phantom of the Opera" story
19th century, Paris. Monster man who was loved to nobody, and lived in basement of opera house, and was turned on. He loses heart to diva kurisutinu and tries everything to make her prima donna, but she is out of order in jealousy on seeing what is made advances to by viscount Raul of childhood friend. Trembling case is ... in sequence before long in opera house.

Have a lot on "Phantom of the Opera"; this (link to page of the theatrical company four seasons)



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