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Yokohama culture prize

◆The 65th (2016) Yokohama culture prize prize winner decision
 Free of charge invites 250 people to commemorative concert the presentation ceremony

 We received result of the deliberation by Yokohama culture prize selection committee (chairperson: on Yoshinobu Kubota public University corporation Yokohama City University President, August 29, 2016 holding), and the 65th Yokohama culture prize prize winner was decided. (It is 982KB press release document Portable Document Format
 We invite citizen's all of you to the presentation ceremony, memory concert on Thursday, November 17, 2016. (as for the application method from this)

 Yokohama culture prize (order of the kana syllabary honorific title abbreviation according to each section)
  Various places where we make an effort for development of culture such as art, the arts and sciences, education, social welfare, medical care, industry, sports promotion, and the achievement is remarkable
 [culture, art section]
Art promotion, academic Tanabe great thinker (tanabetetsundo)

 Tanabe great thinker

Kozan Miyagawa researcher, collector
Long-time last and study grilled Kadsura japonica of Yokohama origin that was existence forgotten under the influence of overseas outflow and war damage of superior work for a long time in postwar period though we win global fame in the name of "makuzu wear" at exhibitions of the Meiji period. We formed extremely high quality Kadsura japonica grill collection. It was connected to reevaluation of decorative work that the minute painting and decoration of engraving were given to have exhibited collection that we built at many exhibitions positively without regret and let you accelerate ceramics study for the Meiji period.



 [contribution to society, sports section]

Skill culture Eiji Suzuki (suzukieiji)

Eiji Suzuki

Kimono dressmaking person, Yokohama Meister
Master kimono dressmaking to continue walking way of a kimono dressmaking ray from 1964 (S39) years, and to win "modern master craftsman" (prominent skill person) commendation in 2008 (H20) years, and to win "yellow ribbon prize" in the next year, and to have national top-class skill. We work on production of original kimono eagerly and bring about original technique. We already bring up the next generation more than 200. High skill succeeded to is connected by skill Olympics for many prizewinner producing.

Contribution to society Haru Matsunaga (waiting Nagaharu)

Haru Matsunaga 


(no company) red shoes memory culture corporation's leader
After having established red shoes memory culture corporation in 1985 (S60) years, as leader, we make an effort for local culture promotion. Place of many activities is created by children including elementary school student theatrical company and chorus. We deal with produce of Yokohama citizen musical (we form inhabitant of a ward musical during 2012 (H24) years in mother's body) that citizen appears on. We contribute to video culture of Yokohama after the war while going to the United States in the youth, and learning American culture and imaging technique, and working in Shochiku studio. It becomes Yokohama and making match of the United States on symbol with red shoes and, as for the present older than 87 years old, leads as face of the corporation.

Contribution to society Shingo Yamano (yamanoshingo)
 Shingo Yamano (*hi) Secretary General of Koganecho area management center
Art director on behalf of Japan dealing with a lot of plans that featured the theme of "reproduction of town by art." We let you develop crab art exhibition or workshop which are town in "Koganecho bazaar" and renovate image of town. We called in people from many next towns. "Yokohama Triennale 2005," even large-scale plan with topicality, dispatch characteristics including "East Asia culture city 2014 Yokohama" shows abilities. It is judged that we marked new stage of international art exhibition and wins recommendation of art art promotion section Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize in the 65th in 2014 (H26) year.
 Yokohama culture prize culture, art prize for encouragement (order of the kana syllabary honorific title abbreviation)
   Various places where future achievement is expected at the class of young group playing an active part now or center fielders in culture, art section

Art Kentaro Kawase (Kentaro Kawase)

Kentaro Kawase
 ©Yoshinori Kurosawa


Young person leader who had ability and popularity to receive invitation from domestic orchestra in sequence since we got top by 2006 (H18) age Tokyo international eisteddfods (conduct section). We take office as Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra permanent post leader in 2014. We attracted public attention as appointment (29 years old) at the youngest for permanent leader of domestic orchestra in those days. Future wide achievement to pull promotion of music culture is expected.
bunkakuriseiryoi (kurisuyoshie)

  ©Masaya Tanaka

(*hi) slow label's director, director
Director young person wrestling with impaired person for activity to remove social wall energetically in sequence. We let manufacturing in one handcrafted welfare institution and originality of artist intervene each slowly and establish handicraft miscellaneous goods brand "throw label" of a piece of thing. This approach attracted attention nationwide and led to development in other cities. We led international exhibition of modern art more than having obstacle or not to success as general director in "Yokohama Para Triennale 2014". Traction of social movement which anyone can participate in is expected.

◆Free of charge invites 250 people to commemorative concert the presentation ceremony (as for the flyer from this Portable Document Format 400KB)

[the date and time] Thursday, November 17, 2016
      1:30 p.m. open type (going to be finished at plan, 3:00 p.m. at opening 1:10 p.m.)

[venue] Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall small hall
      <Minato Mirai Line "Minatomirai Station" 3-minute walk, JR, municipal subway "Sakuragicho Station" 12-minute walk>

Part 1 ceremony
 Song of city unison, prize winner introduction, the prize presentation
Part 2 commemorative concert
 Kaoru Oe violin concert
  (in the concert approximately 30 minutes)


Kaoru Oe 

 ... program ...
  ♫ Greetings of Elgar / love
  ♪  Loss Malin where Chrysler / is beautiful, joy of love
  ♫ Sarasate / Zigeuner Y then
  ♪  Dvorak / humoresque
  ♫ Monty / Zardas
     ※Program may be changed.
・Kaoru Oe (violin)
 The 82nd Japanese music contest first place, all Masuzawa Prize, etc. prizes are won in addition. The part national convention first place of the 63rd all-Japan student eisteddfod high school. Winning 2014 Yokohama culture prize culture, the art prize for encouragement. 2014.2015 year loam music foundation scholarship student. A lot of costarring including NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Phil, Shinnihon Phil, Kanagawa Phil. We study under Christian Tetsu rough him in German kuromberukuakademi and acquire study now. We study under Yumiko Shibuya, Masafumi Hori, each person of Keiko Urushihara so far.
・Ryo Yamanishi (piano)
 We win part national convention second place of the 65th all-Japan student eisteddfod high school and Yokohama citizen Prize (audience Prize). We participate in his master class of Mr. Carmen piattsuini in international academy in the bodenze summer in Germany in 2015 and win Special Prize (the highest award). We are at school now for Toho Gakuen School of Music music department four years.



[application method]

The subscription for 1 number of people
  250 (lottery)

2 cut-offs
  It must arrive by Thursday, October 20, 2016

It is targeted for 3 application
  Yokohama-shi residence, working, person of attendance at school

4 application methods
  We mail to return card after filling out zip code, address, full name (furigana), phone number, the number of people (to two people). Working, attendance at school lists office, school name.
  Write having sign-language interpreter need or not, having visit or not with wheelchair, address, full name of reply side; and at the following.
    ※Application is one piece of postcard for one.
    ※Shipment of lottery result plans about November 10.
    ※We do not use personal information that we had other than this business.

5 destinations
  〒It is addressed to 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi "Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau Yokohama culture prize person in charge"


 List of past prize winners


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