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Yokohama art site (Yokohama-shi area culture support business)

Quarterly art site vol.18 issued "from scenery of the roadside"


Yokohama art site logo Yokohama art site official homepage  

Yokohama art site (Yokohama-shi area culture support business)

 "Yokohama art site" (Yokohama-shi area culture support business) invites public participation for activity to send culture artwork relating originality to have of culture art to activation of community and town and unit-related culture art that there is of Yokohama to the city outside widely to support culture artwork approaching solution to local problem and is business to support.

 In addition, for support such as adoption groups, we carry out issuance of public relations magazine for the training exchanging opinions about various fields such as town development and relation of culture art and business introduction, exchange meeting for the making of network of group phase each other.



◆ new Quarterly Yokohama art site Vol .018 issuance

 Quarterly art site 18 cover

We issued quarterly Yokohama art site Vol .018 that "we thought about local culture of Yokohama and supported".
This special feature theme is from "scenery of the roadside".
For details, please see this.

  Archive from this



◆ We start offer of art culture business to be active with Yokohama art site 2018 area [application acceptance was finished] 

 Subscription for 2018 essential point

We start offer of art cultural activities about art, picture, music, theatrical art carried out in Yokohama-shi.

Subscription for 1 theme
  Three themes recruit among activities to hold for from July, 2018 to January, 2019.
 (1) Art festival
    Oh, we draw charm of local resources through boku and create turnout inside and outside the held area
 (2) Community art
    Oh, we approach local problem in the welfare, environment, town planning, international exchange through boku
 (3) Art project
    We pay our attention to the history and nature, scenery of Yokohama and send charm of Yokohama to the city outside through a boku

2 furtherance amounts of money
  It is 100,000 yen - 2 million yen per one
   ※But continuation activity with the held results becomes the furtherance within a half of expense targeted for principle, the furtherance so far.
   ※In addition, during period to continue, and to apply, five years are used as an indication.
    (application is possible after the sixth year, but priority of adoption becomes low.)

3 application methods
  We fill in predetermined application paper (we download from Yokohama art site formula HP) with required items and apply by mail.

4 application reception desk periods
  From Thursday, March 1, 2018 to Monday, April 2 ※Must arrive, jikomifuka on that day

 ・As for the details about offer, please see this.

 ※We raise with the proviso that 30, Heisei fiscal budget of Yokohama-shi is voted for in Yokohama City Council.



◆Yokohama art site 2017 briefing session "local culture to see from the spot of art" [Saturday, March 17 holding] [application was finished]

 2017 briefing sessions

Yokohama art site 2017 that was carried out from July, 2017 through January, 2018.
We regard local culture of Yokohama as activity report of 27 projects that we participated in in this year through discussion.
Whom can participate, too. For details, from this.

[the date and time] Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 15:00 to 18:00 (reception desk 14:30 ...)
[venue] YCC Yokohama creation city center (6-50-1, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi) 3F
[the nearest station] Minato Mirai Line "Bashamichi Station" 1b exit [Noge, Sakuragicho mouth (island tower entrance)]
[entrance fee] Free (reservation required)
[appearance] Michio Matsumoto (authorized non profit organization citizen sector yokohama fukurijicho)
     Satsuki Yoshino (educational foundation Aichi University department of literature humanities society subject associate professor)
 On participation application, please let know having (1) name (2) participation number of people (3) contact information e-mail address (4) exchange meeting participation or not by email (office@y-artsite.org) or FAX (045-325-0414).
※When you surpass capacity, you may not participate. (150 capacity)
※We plan exchange meeting after the end. From 18:15 to 19:15 (/ entrance fee 1,000 yen free to do participation)
※There are sign-language interpreter, letter support by UD talk.
※There are kids space, nursing space.

[sponsorship] the Yokohama art site secretariat
[URL] http://www.y-artsite.org/
[E-mail] office@y-artsite.org
[TEL] 045-325-0410 (the Yokohama art site secretariat)
[FAX] 045-325-0414



  Yokohama-shi Culture and Tourism Bureau culture art creation city promotion part Cultural Promotion Division
Address: 〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
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