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It recruits Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum activation project intern students!

Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum activation project (yokohamahako iri daughter project ※),
Aiming at activation of facility where person of admission decrease became problem, we started.
From female college student who participated in 2013
As for "the expanses of display (3) field of vision and interest of the (1) positive pole-like challenge (2) leadership,"
Voice that we were able to realize is sent to own growth through this project.

We perform intern straight offer of 2014.
With activation of Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum, do you not change friend and oneself wonderful?
We look forward to application of many people.

As for the details of project, please see this.

Offer period

From Thursday, January 23, 2014 to Friday, February 28 

From Tuesday, March 25 to 28th (Fri)…Idea idea workshop
Saturday, March 29…Idea middle announcement
From Tuesday, April 1 to Tuesday, September 30…Idea conduct period
※Schedule may be added.
Application condition ・Being residence or female college student / graduate student at school in the suburbs of Yokohama-shi
・Being able to participate in all of orientation and workshops
・Being able to be active for idea conduct in half a year after workshop
・Being interested in Yokohama, town development, literature, photograph, fashion, one of the art
Application method
Please apply from the following homepages.
○"yokohamahako iri daughter project" official homepage http://hanalabs.net/
For intern application
Inquiry to relate to
NPO corporation Hana laboratory
TEL: 03-6658-4418
E-MAIL: info@hanalabs.net

※Of NPO corporation Hana laboratory planning work project for solution of social problem female college student as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "social education activation support program that centered on community hall" as for this project in 2013, public interest incorporated foundation Yokohama-shi art culture promotion foundation, Yokohama-shi tripartite, cooperate, and perform approach from May, 2013.