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Notice We carry out part-time job registration of public nursery school at any time at Asahi Ward government office!

The type of job

 Icon of entry At Asahi Ward government office, it recruits parttimers who can work in public nursery school in ward.
 Icon of entry In nursery school, standby is OK anytime ninarukotogayokugaarimasunode needing adoption in a hurry! Light toiu footwork works part-time by all means, and please register!
 Icon of entry Registration procedure reaches at ward office the third floor 32nd "Children and Families Support Division" window.

<member of childcare person, welfare part-time job>

   ☆Childcare who loves to work on the site! Proud one!
   ★Person who is good at contacting child!
   ☆Childcare person to make use of qualification, and to want to work!
   ★Please refer!
   (business content)
     ・Duties (childcare person) necessary for childcare duties in childcare time, other nursery school administration
     ・Duties (member of welfare) necessary for assistance to duties about overtime day care, childcare person duties, other nursery school administration

<member of cooking part-time job>

   ☆Do you not make school lunch of children in nursery school? (qualification, experience no object)
   ★We do not mind even one with interest, schedule when we can engage in.
   ☆Please feel free to contact!
    (business content) duties about nursery school school lunch cooking, duties that other cleaning is necessary for nursery school administration


  Icon of entry Childcare person (licensed) hourly wage 1,224 yen
  Icon of entry Childcare person assistance (there is unqualified kindergarten teacher license) hourly wage 1,080 yen
  Icon of entry Childcare person assistance (unqualified) hourly wage 1,056 yen
  Icon of entry Member of welfare (unqualified) hourly wage 1,116 yen
  Icon of entry Member of cooking hourly wage 976 yen
   (note) transportation expenses become actual expenses supply based on the duty results. 


 ○tankiyatoiyoosodan, day, jikanosodan
 ●When it is more than 20 hours, we join employment insurance for more than one month and working hours per week in the period of employment
 ○When it is more than 30 hours, we join employee health insurance, Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) more in working hours per more than two months and week in the period of employment
 ●Please receive interview in adoption beforehand. We will tell about interview result later.

 Specifically, please see (PDF file 640KB) about part-time job registration of public nursery school.


Guidance of public nursery school in Asahi Ward

 Icon of entry Sakonyama nursery school (1997, Sakonyama) ◆ Sotetsu bus "Sakonyama second" 2-minute walk
 Icon of entry Kawai hotel nursery school (98-1, Tsuokacho) ◆ shin*chu bus "rooming house" city bus "Kawai hotel" 10-minute walk
 Icon of entry Hikarigaoka nursery school (795, Kamishiranecho) ◆ Sotetsu bus "public corporation assembly room" 3-minute walk
 Icon of entry Imajuku nursery school (2000-4, Imajukuminamicho) ◆ shin*chu bus "Imajuku" 5-minute walk
 Icon of entry Shirone nursery school (Shirone 7-31-3) ◆ City bus "gold grass swamp" "happy longevity Zhuang" 8-minute walk, Sotetsu bus "in front of chief administrator" 12-minute walk
 Icon of entry Oak nursery school (59-1, Kashiwacho) ◆ Sotetsu Line "Minamimakigahara" 7-minute walk


"Adobe Acrobat Reader" (free) is necessary to look at PDF (Portable Document Format).
Please download than the left icon.

Contact information 

 Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section (the third-floor 32nd window)
 Telephone (045) 954-6151
 Facsimile (045) 951-4683

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