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[Health and Welfare Division] It recruits parttimers of dental hygienist!

About recruitment of dental hygienist parttimers


It recruits Asahi Health and Welfare Center part-time job dental hygienists becoming adoption in April, 2018.

Please engage in assistance such as infants dental health examinations to carry out in center, health instruction, office work work in conjunction with it.

        Offer essential point (PDF file 199KB)

★ Business content

     Group support such as maternal and child health business (medical examination assistance of infants oral examination, group support, individual support) classroom business, individual support, office work rearranging

  ※We include dentist supporting duties, dental hygienist duties, paperwork


★ The number of the people planning adoption

   Two people


★ Application condition

  Person who has dental hygienist license


★ The office

   Asahi Ward government office Children and Families Support Division / Health and Welfare Division

  (1-4-12, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku)


★ Working hours

  [1st] It is 16:00 from 8:45

  [half day: in the morning] It is 12:45 from 8:45

  [half day: in the afternoon] It is 16:30 from 12:30

   ※Working hours vary according to duties.


★ Duty day

  Designation day that weekday business begins (around one or two times a week)


★ Wage

   Daily duty: 8,225 yen

   Halftime: 5,872 yen  

   Transportation expenses are paid separately


★ Selection method

  Interview, documents examination


★ Application method

  After telephone application, we send resume, reproduction of dental hygienist license

   Resume (Word file 42KB)

★ Application period

  Until adopter is decided

   ※Until 2018 business start

(from reception hours month from gold / 8:45 a.m. 5:15 p.m.. Except holiday)


★ Application

Asahi Ward government office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (TEL: 045-954-6146)

〒241-0022 1-4-12, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku Asahi Health and Welfare Center Health Promotion Section



Asahi Ward government office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section

Telephone (045) 954-6146 

Facsimile (045) 953-7713 

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