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It "is settled Hikaru and wonder of co-Tetsu real treasure hunt! We hold special investigation corps! (3/25 - 6/4)

Let's go to village forest garden while doing treasure hunt!

※Protector, please be careful not to take the eyes off action of child!

In commemoration of what "village forest garden" of the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair opens in the forest Park plant park planned site (yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA adjoining land) of Yokohama animal in Asahi Ward as common enterprise with City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward and the Sotetsu building management "is treasure hunt wonder solution of Hikaru and coTetsu rial! We hold special investigation corps.

We can have you arrive to village forest garden while enjoying on foot from station while looking for treasure chest located in routes to village forest garden on foot from Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi area and Sotetsu Line Tsurugamine Station to rely on "map of treasure" (we distribute in Asahi Ward government office and Sotetsu Line each station). It is present with prize which is wonderful by lot when we find treasure chest wonderfully and apply in secret keyword!

We carry out from March 25 including period to June 4 for Golden Week. Distance from Sotetsu Line Tsurugamine Station to village forest garden is approximately 4.6km. As it is carried out a moderate activity although being a pleasure by walking, please participate with family and friend! Participation is free!

Page (plan, production company of this event) of hawk rush

With real treasure hunt

・It is experience-based event to find out "treasure chest" which was actually hidden in each area.

・Event participant unties mystery described in map (booklet of free distribution) of treasure that it is member of "mysterious special investigation corps" handling national immediate detail and solves request of mysterious creatures and looks for treasure chest.

・We become able to make an excursion happily while searching target area. Whereabouts of treasure chest seem to lead to local rediscovery, and place where place and green that the history including famous place, historic site in Asahi Ward remains are rich in can know town of Yokohama that we did not know so far as we are covered.

・When you locate treasure chest wonderfully and can apply in keyword, we present wonderful prize by lot.

Held summary

Title Mysterious solution of Hikaru and co-Tetsu! Special investigation corps

The date   :From Saturday, March 25, 2017 (Heisei 29) to Sunday, June 4

Holding place: Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi area (urban greening yokohama fair "village forest garden" from Sotetsu Line Tsurugamine Station of the whole country), Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi area

Distribution place of map of treasure: City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward (we distribute only on weekdays), Sotetsu Line each station

Entrance fee   :Free of charge

※As for the details, please see "map of treasure".

Sponsorship: City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward, the Sotetsu Building management

Plan, the supervision: Real treasure hunt [hawk rush!]

Cooperation, the support: Tsurugamine mall cooperative, Shirane Street Store Association, yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA, Hama baud Louis ass, Mu building, Yokohama bay Sheraton Hotel & towers, Sotetsu furessain, Sagami Railway Co.,Ltd., Sotetsu Rosen Co.,Ltd., Joey eggplant, EPOCH, Sagami Railway group

The cosponsorship: Yokohama West Exit spirit project

Support: Excitement yokohama area management meeting

Reference of visitor

City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-954-6028 (reception hours: on weekdays for from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

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