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Designated manager system of Asahi Ward

News of temporary closing

Designated manager and management administration situation (including inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center, district center, community house) of inhabitant of a ward facility


[Ward Facilities Subdivision]
 Phone number 045-954-6097
 Fax number: 045-955-3341
 Window number: The second-floor 22nd window

About community care plaza of Asahi Ward and designated manager of welfare health practice base

[business planning staff]
 Phone number 045-954-6143
 Fax number: 045-953-7713
 Window number: The third-floor 31st window

What is designated manager system?

Introduction of designated manager system by Local Government Act revision

About the management administration main constituent of "public facility", law that (management trust system) limited to public groups by Local Government Act revised a part of the Local Government Act was enforced from the viewpoint of securing of publicity from promulgation, September 2, the same year on June 13, 2003, and designation manager system that was entrusted management administration to in private business person was established. In this way, as a general rule, about "public facility which we manage and entrust with," it will shift to designation manager system for less than three years (until September 1, 2006) from enforcement day.

Purpose of the system foundation

We plan improvement of inhabitants service while utilizing private ability for management of public facility to be more effective, and to support inhabitants needs to diversify effectively, and designated manager system is thing for the purpose of planning reduction of expense.

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