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List of latest information

September 12, 2018
Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section, Ward Facilities Subdivision
September 12, 2018
News of Asahi Ward parent and child outdoor natural experience-based activity
September 10, 2018
About conduct of open call for participants type designated bidding of functions investigation examination business consignment necessary for reproduction of Sakonyama housing complex district
September 05, 2018
Public information yokohamaasahi ward version
September 01, 2018
We hold food hygiene person in charge designation class
September 01, 2018
Usage guidances such as 2018 nursery schools
August 29, 2018
Operation global environment clean from school out of the 19th capital Oka was carried out!
August 23, 2018
We made "list of gathering of Asahi Ward caregivers & dementia cafes"!

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