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List of latest information

December 05, 2017
Sachigaoka district contact welfare Festival was held!
December 01, 2017
Children and Families Support Division preschooler work bulletin board (from April, 2017 to March, 2018)
December 01, 2017
Public information yokohamaasahi ward version
December 01, 2017
About the choice of next designated manager of Yokohama-shi Shirone community care plaza
November 28, 2017
Usage guidances such as 2018 nursery schools
November 27, 2017
2018 Asahi Ward social education instructor, Asahi Ward social movement support center temporary worker offer
November 15, 2017
Kawai district rekurieshon meeting (athletic meet) was held!
November 15, 2017
We hold talk event by girl softball OG, current player!

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