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We finished recruitment of investigators of house, land statistics investigation in 2018

Summary of investigation

We grasp the actual situation such as house and the residence situation of household to live in there, land which household holds, and house, land statistics investigation is investigation to clarify the current situation and change.
Result of investigation is used as basic documents such as plan, planning, evaluation of measures such as house life basic plan, land utility plan.

Engagement period

The late August and late October

Contents of work

(1) Attendance (end of August plan) to investigator briefing session

(2) Distribution (approximately 200 households) of investigation dossier in catchment area

(3) Visit to household, distribution, collection (approximately 50 households) of questionnaire


・As a general rule, it is person 20 years or older

・Person who keeps secret, and can do office work of investigation with responsibility till the last

・Person who has nothing to do with tax practice, the police, election activity directly

The offer number of people

Around 80 (we select by simple interview)


Around 65,000 yen

Application method

We download "registration application" from the following link, and the person, please bring to Asahi Ward government office General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (the second floor of the ward office 24th window) after filling out required items.
In addition, we distribute "registration application" in ward office and district center.

Recruitment of investigators flyer and registration application (PDF file 164KB)

Deadline for application

Friday, June 29 17:00 (we finished offer.)

Selection result

I will inform on the telephone by Tuesday, July 31.


2018 house, land statistics investigation homepage (to page of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau)


※"Adobe Acrobat Reader" (free) is necessary to look at PDF (Portable Document Format).
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General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (the second-floor 24th window)
Telephone (045) 954-6012
Facsimile (045) 951-3401

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