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Opinion, request to city, ward office

Civic voice business

  Please send suggestion to Yokohama municipal administration, opinion. We send contribution that you sent to to department in charge of and reflect in municipal administration.
 Suggestion (to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau) from citizen


 Mayor petition (to page of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau)
 We accept opinion and request had to the mayor by letter by group.


 Director General petition
 We accept opinion and request had to Director General by letter by group.


 "Voice of customer" suggestion box 
We accept opinion, request about window service of ward, welfare health, culture, town development.

Opinion to Asahi engineering works office, request

 Opinion, request to Asahi engineering works office

 If there are inquiry about communication, road and river, the sewer, park about road installations (road surface, convex mirror, street light) and opinion, we can contact Asahi engineering works office directly. Including large-scale road cave-in when is high-risk, would appreciate your contacting on the telephone directly.

  Phone number 045-953-8801 (Asahi engineering works office) [accept for 24 hours]

Other public hearings business

"Warmth talk"

 The mayor visits activity place of group and group playing an active part in area directly or the mayor invites group to facilities of Motoichi and participates in activity and receives activity report and exchanges opinions.


"Tea meeting ... welcome ~ to mayor room"

 Taking the opportunity of Mayor of forest appointment one year, we renewed past "rice with hashed beef lunch meeting". You invite open call for participants, group, group which you decided by lot to mayor room, and please exchange opinions with the mayor openheartedly while drinking tea.


Yokohama e questionnaire

 You utilize E-mails and tell e questionnaire member (registrant) about measure and business performing in Yokohama-shi positively and have you deepen understanding for municipal administration, and please cooperate with questionary survey.


Public comment

 When we devise basic plan of city, we raise opinion, suggestion from all of you and are system making decision that is final in consideration of opinions that we had.

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