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We do advertisement offer of 2018 nembanasahikubenricho "sansan guides"

We raise advertisements on issuing version "sansan guide" in 2018.

Advertisement contents

Publication place Size The number of the frames The number of the colors Advertisement charges (1 frame, tax-included)
Back cover (A) 63mm *88mm 7 frames Color 12,000 yen
Aspect (B) out of back cover 63mm *88mm 2 frames Color 8,000 yen

▼Reference image for 2,016 years for
 Reference image

▼Detailed image in 1 frame
Reference image
※Placement place of sentence in advertising slot becomes fixed.

Application condition
We raise only for back cover (A) "special dish of Asahi" choice company.
Plane (B) out of back cover is large and raises from establishment in Asahi Ward.
※From purpose to support new life, it is said that types of industry of grave Land, the site of a religious service to company (including charnel, crematory) are impossible.
As for the details, please see insertion specifications (PDF file 297KB).

 Please submit insertion application (Word file 54KB) to following application by E-mail, FAX or bringing.
 We do not accept application only for telephone.

 E-mail as-kouhou@city.yokohama.jp
     ◆Please assume title "sansan guide advertisement application".
     ◆Please give me file of image on size to 500KB in JPEG form.
 FAX 045-955-2856
 Presentation 〒 241-0022 1-4-12, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi Asahi Ward government office Public Relations Section
Offer period
From back cover (A) Monday, October 16, 2017 Friday, October 27 17:00 (must arrive)
From aspect (B) Monday, October 16, 2017 out of back cover Tuesday, October 24 17:00 (must arrive)

○ Application is limited to advertiser oneself.
○ Please inquire for the advertisement contents details to Public Relations Section after checking insertion specifications.

We issued version Asahi Ward convenience book "sansan guide" in 2016

2016 version guide cover
"sansan guide" distributes to Asahi Ward newly around one moved into.
We collected information such as various facilities of Asahi Ward, various services. You keep at hand, and please inflect.

This booklet has a limit to the number of copies. Distribution is finished as soon as we disappear.
In addition, please note that you do not do
all houses distribution.

[distribution place]
Public Relations Section (the ward office the first floor first)
Futamatagawa service counter in the city hall

It is for downloading

Cover, back cover (PDF file 4.3MB) (back cover) Special dish introduction of Asahi
From p2 p9 (PDF file 13.6MB) Asahi Ward spot introductions of table of contents, ZOORASIA
From p10 p21 (PDF file 11.1MB) Service introduction of introduction, ward office of facility in ward
From p22 p24 (PDF file 15.2MB) Bus map in Asahi Ward
From p25 p35 (PDF file 6.2MB) List of service introduction, consultation counters of ward office
From p36 p43 (PDF file 4.8MB) The preparation to ward office guide map, garbage and recycling, disaster

※"Adobe Acrobat Reader" (free) is necessary to look at PDF (Portable Document Format).
Please download than the left icon.

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