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Asahi Ward dementia guidebook "dementia? ... to do what when we do not come"

It is pamphlet which summarized dementia support information in Asahi Ward in eight pages. We get information such as consultation counter, consultation, meeting of caregiver.

We are distributing in community care plaza in Asahi Ward government office, Asahi Ward!

   Asahi Ward dementia guidebook "dementia? ... to do what when we do not come"

Downloading of Asahi Ward dementia guidebook this (PDF file 5588KB)

Please read at such time!

・ We are worried about forgetfulness of oneself and family

・ We want to know where we should talk with if we suffer from dementia

・ We want to know for the future of oneself and family

Table of contents

At first let's talk about 1

When we receive diagnosis, treatment of 2 consultation
... dementia

The use such as 3 The Long-term Care Insurance services

It is utilized ... adult guardianship system to protect 4 property

Because one, family of 5 dementia does not hold in meeting - one who can participate

If we come to lose 6 Asahi Ward loitering SOS network system - ways

We cooperate, and affiliate, engine of Asahi Ward edites!

This guidebook made the cause of cooperation of affiliate, engine in ward.

Making meeting member

   ・ Medical association, local welfare officer children's committee meeting, home care support company, psychiatry special hospital

    ・ Care experienced person, small scale multifunctional model home company, dementia-response cohabitation care company 

    ・ Local Elderly Care Management Center, ward office

In addition, many related organizations give cooperation of publication to.

Distribution window

・ Asahi Ward government office Elderly and Disabled Support Division (Asahi Ward government office annex third window)   

Community care plaza (Local Elderly Care Management Center) in Asahi Ward    
Approach emblem "hottochan" of Asahi Ward dementiaPlease feel free to contact.                   


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Please download than the left icon.

Elderly and Disabled Support Division elderly person support charge (the first-floor third window)
Telephone (045) 954-6125
Fax (045) 955-2675

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