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We hold dementia enlightenment lecture!

Study session "it seems to be me even if we forget it seems to be you long-term care of ... dementia and system ~ to support" that the eleventh Asahi Ward medical association and ward office thought

 Dementia is different from simple forgetfulness. We forget to have experienced when it progresses entirely, and ability for judgment decreases and affects everyday life.

 We usually invite dementia and people facing each other to lecturer and introduce about system to support dementia care and property management, procedure of aspect of living.

 You hear property management when care experience not to readily listen to, ability for judgment decreased, and do you not comprise?

[the date and time] From Thursday, November 16, 2017 14:00 to 16:30 (opening 13:30)

[meeting place] Asahi public hall (ward office the fourth floor)

[capacity] 400 first arrival (application unnecessary) 

・Talk of doctor "do not listen now. kihon of dementia"
    Lecturer: Director Okada surgery Takahiro Okada

・Long-term care experiences "long-term care experiences ~ of mother and I - me of dementia"
    Lecturer: Person with dementia and meeting, shin*kawakenshibuyohanashijin*kurashinyoshibishi of family

・"Whom will you leave wallet with in the future? (1)... adult guardianship system ~"
    Lecturer: Member of Kanagawa administrative scrivener society position cosmos adult guardianship support center administrative scrivener Michiko Miyakawa

・"Whom will you leave wallet with in the future? (2)... shakyo relief center ~"
    Lecturer: Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare Yasuhisa Funada

[simultaneous holding] Information corner about dementia
・Introduction, document distribution of group performing dementia support in community care plaza, the ward
・Introduction (SOS systems), document distribution of dementia support project of Yokohama-shi and Asahi Ward
・Display, introduction of book about dementia and adult guardianship system with Asahi library

[sponsorship] Asahi Ward medical association Asahi Ward government office

"System ... to support with care of ... dementia like you like me even if we forget" handbill PDF (PDF file 485KB)



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