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Children and Families Support Division preschooler work bulletin board (from April, 2017 to March, 2018)

We post wonderful work of children!

We introduce children work of this month! (notice in front of the third floor of the ward office window)

We display seasonal work which children made in turn in authorization nursery school 40 garden of Asahi Ward on bulletin board of toy corner of Children and Families Support Division every month.

Children work of April, 2017Children work of MayChildren work of JuneChildren work of JulyChildren work of AugustChildren work of SeptemberChildren work of OctoberChildren work of NovemberChildren work of DecemberChildren work of January

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Children work of January

New Year holidays  New Year holidays New Year holidays  All nursery school
Solar child Sachigaoka nursery school  Firewood is original beloved child garden      Wish nursery school  Yokohama Anju Land that raises 


Although children were a pleasure, we made
It is "Dharma". In year when the New Year is good
We put wish to become.



Although children of 1 year old class are a pleasure
We made "dog" with bill. 


Image New Year holidays, body of Dharma
We made with colored paper and drew mustache by writing brush.
Using potato horide moat tta potato plum blossoms
We let you bloom a lot and did gorgeously.
Saying "it should snow"
We made snowman while talking.


Children work of December

Kids village horsetail nursery school  Nakakibogaoka nursery school Nakao nursery school  All nursery school
Oak nursery school Bud nursery school        Akinori Futamatagawa nursery school Asahi spring cold nursery school 

We expressed Christmas tree at "crest limit" that got close from spring, and was idle.
Until finish all, children
We perform.





Mandarin orange is the best with kotatsu!


 Popular person "ASAHI" of Asahi Ward
 We changed into Santa Claus.



We challenge the first scissors and,
Face which we became able to draw well
We drew with crayon.


Children work of November

Kids village horsetail nursery school  Nakakibogaoka nursery school Nakao nursery school  All nursery school
Kids village horsetail nursery school Nakakibogaoka nursery school          Nakao nursery school Good department nursery school 

 Pick up natural object
We made.
It is work like autumn. 


For idea of children
Autumn tree grew.


It is everybody while imaging colored leaves
We pushed bill.
As for the unique fagot worm
With a smile.


 "Autumn scenery" is genuine if possible
We did ppokusuru invention.

Children work of October

Bud nursery school of dream Yokohama Asahi child station       Guy has; kids

We break hat of witch, and pumpkin does paper-cutting,
    We made harrow in party




Picture book children loving "we disguised" ourselves.
We make mushrooms with paint using various technique
mashita. pontatobaketanobakekurabeno
We were able to produce the one scene happily together.

 We made autumn leaf with cute donny.
Do you get how many acorns ten?

Children work of September

Solar child Tsurugamine nursery school   Global kids Shirane nursery school          Shirane nursery school Solar child Shirane nursery school

It looks delicious using stamp and tissue paper
Grape was completed.

Rabbit which looks at big moon
We produced with all the classes.
Put; part of picture
Saying "there do not be gap"; as for how many degrees
We put.

"14 hikinoneko" …
 It is big catch! Jab outstanding performance!

5 years old child is writing brush; with jun jun
We drew big sunflower.


Children work of August

Sunflower beloved child garden  Chitose nursery school Serve Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Futamatagawa kindergarten; saw 

 Please enjoy expression of various ghosts.

Sunlight summer sunflower bringing up together
Blooming powerfully while taking full
Image, and with field of flowers of sunflower,
We seem to be able to taste happy feeling and cool if we eat a mouthful
We cooked ice cream.

 In 2 years old child class using paint the sea,
 We rounded tissue paper and made fish happily.

Children work of July

Hydrangea  Starving green caterpillar  Raindrop

Poplar second nursery school

               Imajuku nursery school            appuru nursery school Tsurugamine        



We are looking forward to the fireworks washed ashore in summer
 We are washed ashore at children and night sky
We made in the image of fireworks.


For summer, children love
We made fish    


 To friends of aquarium where came across on excursion thought
It approached and made the sea together.  

Children work of June

Hydrangea  Starving green caterpillar  Raindrop

Maya nursery school

                Ayumi nursery school                  ohana Tsurugamine nursery school


   We acquired design of hydrangea with cotton swab.



    We attach handle to paint and take bill and
    We painted drawing paper pitapat and enjoyed


   With origami paper doll to which Japanese children pray for fine weather and rainy drop
   We made.



Children work of May

Rainbow fish  December    

Uenohara nursery school

            Poplar nursery school       Tsurugamine nursery school

  It is work of 5 years old child class (older child).

 Take spring sunlight,
   It is the animals and plants of a lot of spirit.

  None of children alone
    We made with various technique.

Children work of April


Tulip and butterfly Rainbow fish  

Sakonyama nursery school

Nishikawa Island accommodation nursery school

appuru kids tsurugamine

0 years old child who loves touch!
If we are involved much
Cherry blossoms bloomed

With spring clover

To children and spring nature
What kind of flower and creature are there?
We thought and made


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