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Children and Families Support Division preschooler work bulletin board (from April, 2018 to March, 2019)

We post wonderful work of children!

We introduce children work of this month! (notice in front of the third floor of the ward office window)

We display seasonal work which children made in turn in authorization nursery school 40 garden of Asahi Ward on bulletin board of toy corner of Children and Families Support Division every month.

Children work of April, 2018 Children work of May Children work of June Children work of July
Children work of August Children work of September Children work of October Children work of November Children work of December Children work of January

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Children work of January

Children work Children work   Children work  Children work

Nishikawa Island nursery school           

Poplar nursery school

 appuru kids tsurugamine      Sakonyama nursery school

In presentation "urashimatarou"
As did drama of this; the Dragon's Palace
We described. 


2019 is the wild boar year
Things various by reckless rush
I'll do my best!


Match power together
We put origami.

2019 is the wild boar year!
Children made; is pretty
Gourd Bo is greeting of the New Year!


Children work of December

   Tree  Children work

 Forest nursery school of young leave            

           Hikarigaoka nursery school 

     Soil and love wendy house nursery school

[noisily with hasty type Santa
   Reindeer which children made,
   We made in the image of socks.            


 We made tree which felt delightful.


  Older child freely on Christmas
  We made ornament.
  2 years old child made bill tree.

Children work of November

It is dug being  We see and drink  Pineapple Taro

Kawai accommodation nursery school            

           Otari, Yokohama kanariya nursery school 

Soil and the love wendy house nursery school second (or group)

 We bring up sweet potato in field of the childcare nursery school building back,
We enjoyed potato horiominnade. When potato came out, it was children of delight.



 5 years old child woolen yarn shi tteminomushino body
 We expressed. Using bond, we knew difference with seaweed and made although being a pleasure.


 Momotaro → Pineapple Taro
 Love children before nap; talk; ... "long, long ago in a certain place and ... river nidomburako ... and pineapple drift ... or break, and is from all over the Codium ... (say by word child of group
We come out…Fruit changes
"We played together," but are usual ending. *We are or bring up pineapple in group.

Children work of October

Harrow in  Chestnut tree  The Monkey and the Crab

Global kids Minamimakigahara garden            

              Solar child Sachigaoka nursery school 

Yokohama Anju Land that raises


Japanese ghost Halloween
If we enjoy?  
The completion of Japanese Halloween!
From kazoeuta "dorompa." 
It is 0-4-year-old collaboration.


          Together using paint and origami
         We made chestnut tree.


      "Autumn The Monkey and the Crab"

Children work of September

Dragonfly and cosmos  Cosmos of bill  Viewing the moon and rabbit  Mushrooms

Akinori Futamatagawa nursery school             

Firewood is original beloved child garden 

Asahi spring cold nursery school

Wish nursery school

Children of 1-5 years old child are colored paper
We make cosmos, and various feathers are likely
We made dragonfly.


It is work of Class 1 year old child thigh. Children
With hand type small of this, it is product rima in cosmos field
We did.


We made under the theme of viewing the moon.
Rabbit uses scissors well,
You tie up ribbon, and finish dragonfly
We are.

We used shoji paper and paint
We made mushrooms with blur picture.
Yellow, red, work like brown autumn
We were able to do it.

Children work of August

Oak nursery school  Bud nursery school  Kids village horsetail nursery school  Good department nursery school
Oak nursery school Bud nursery school  Kids village horsetail nursery school Good department nursery school

 We made morning glory with origami.
Draw face with crayon; "nikkoriasa
But, it was completed.

Corn which is washed ashore at night sky! 
Popcorn which also splits open!
 Summer new charming sights?


We produce until 0-5 years old under the theme of summer
We collected things which we did and displayed
 It is "summer 2018 of horsetail"!

New Enoshima which went on excursion
With water tank of aquarium, it is origami
We expressed nadode.

Children work of July

Nakakibogaoka root nursery school  Bud nursery school of dream  Nakao nursery school morning glory  Guy has; kids
Nakakibogaoka nursery school Bud nursery school of dream  Nakao nursery school  Center for Early Childhood Education and Care guy has; kids


Origami which children usually see
We made morning glory with wrapping paper.


Dye shoji paper together
We made morning glory.

 Using pretty bill
 "Seaweed" "octopus" "fish"
 We made this. "Peta-peta-
We were tanoshi ... and were “ and delight.

Children work of June

Global kids Shirane nursery school  Yokohama Asahi child station Sun nursery school 
Global kids Shirane nursery school Yokohama Asahi child station 

Solar child Tsurugamine nursery school

When we put frog and snail
We put while thinking about story.

Image the rainy season of June, of each class
We matched with age and the development
We made production on clock in a mass.


It is all the 3-5 years old children by joint childcare of the evening
We produced.

Children work of May

Shirane nursery school  Solar kohakukonikuen We play with insect 
Shirane nursery school Sunflower beloved child garden 

Solar child Shirane nursery school

We break carp streamer with origami one by one,
We expressed big carp streamer. 

In ayame and the sky as for the ladybug
We all thought in oneself and grew.


Saying it is "sweet, delicious saying we make!"
In spite of being needle,
We made big strawberry with origami. 

Children work of April

*haru  The Doll's Festival We play with insect 
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Futamatagawa kindergarten  Imajuku nursery school 

                     Chitose nursery school 

Friend of 1 year old child (it is elaborate and sees immediately),
Put on paint on finger-tip; and pitapat
We made play, it cherry blossoms.
Tissue paper which put in the vinyl tightly
It is the completion of strawberry if it grows.


A lot of friends liking origami are slightly difficult
We challenged tulip. From April
It is work of children who became senior.



While waiting for spring filled with hope warmly,
 Children tear off origami and bill; picture
We used and expressed spring.


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