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Asahi Ward mascot character "ASAHI"

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    As a result of Asahi Ward mascot character "ASAHI" recruiting mascot character design and nicknames of the 40th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth from May through August in 2008, and selecting the first, and having performed referendum on ward office, each the ward district center and the Internet, work of Moemi Yamamuro was adopted.

                 ASAHI reading           The ASAHI front              We fly in ASAHI
Person who wants to use design which want to invite ASAHI to from this!
  We tell information for various poses of ASAHI or that we will be careful when we have you use.

Room of ASAHI from this!
 We introduce events carried out in event and Asahi Ward which ASAHI appeared on in "room of ASAHI".

ASAHI school compendium of seasonal words from this!
  ASAHI introduces interchange with children and local everybody going to school in Asahi Ward, the situation of activity and achievement of children,
We support school, children.

Profile of ASAHI from this!
  We introduce special ability of ASAHI and favorite thing onadoo♪



[comment of ASAHI producer Moemi Yamamuro]

 We did the bright sun (the morning sun) in motif to have person who lived in Asahi Ward and person who did not know Asahi Ward in detail be more interested in Asahi Ward.
 We express Asahi Ward which is vigor ebullience using orange and yellow and think that we were able to describe hope to flap in the future by doing hand in form of wing.

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