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Asahi Ward walk guidebook "new ASAHI walk" release!

They memorialized military commander, Shigetada Hatakeyama birth 850 years related to Asahi Ward, and Asahi Ward Tourism Association published Asahi Ward walk guidebook "new ASAHI walk". It is during great admiration release for list price 300 yen!

  Image of ASAHI walk map

Characteristic of four "new ASAHI walks"

Walk course of characteristic 1 enhancement!

We renovate "ASAHI walk" for conventional leaflet and publish all 12 courses that added 2 course newly.

Characteristic 2 restaurant, souvenir publication!

Other than historic spot, park, we include "ASAHI souvenir" or restaurant information to introduce souvenir of Asahi Ward to.

We support characteristic 3 hometown mall and store!

We perform stamp rally (safe-conduct) which gets premium when we go round restaurant and "ASAHI souvenir" dealers.
(mount is printed out by guidebook.)

We sell widely at place where characteristic 4 varies!

☆Sale place☆
・Asahi Ward government office stand
・Citizen of Asahi Ward Cultural Center sun heart
・District center (6 building in Asahi Ward)
・yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA

"New ASAHI walk" introduces 12 course with all six kinds!

1.Prince military commander, Shigetada Hatakeyama
2.Village forest, park
3.River, water source
4.Ancient morality
5.The history
6.Modern water supply



Get ADOBE READER※"Adobe Acrobat Reader" (free) is necessary to look at PDF (Portable Document Format).
Please download than the left icon.

Shigetada Hatakeyama introduction page

 Page in conjunction with Shigetada Hatakeyama introduces even the following. Check it out!


Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division local action (the second-floor 21st window)
Telephone (045) 954-6092
Fax (045) 955-3341

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