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"Everybody comes" Asahi Ward social movement support center

 Information for facility use

 Facility introduction

 Role of center

(note) detailed information such as course, event of
"everybody comes",
        Please see Asahi Ward social movement support center information that "everybody comes" for.

News from "everybody comes"

  new "All news New Year issue that came" was completed.

Information for facility use

Place 〒The fourth floor of 241-0022 2-82-1, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku here lot Tsurugamine
Use time It is 16:30 from 10:00 on Sundays and holidays at 21:00 from 9:00 on Saturday from Monday
Closed days The every month third Wednesday year-end and New Year holidays (from principle December 29 January 3)
Contact information

Telephone: 045-382-1000 FAX: 045-382-1005

E-mail: as-manabi@city.yokohama.jp

Here lot Tsurugamine
Facility appearance (4F)

Guide map

Facility introduction


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Role of center

Social movement support center supports group and individual who are already doing social movement and we will perform reporting and consultation to citizen who is going to begin social movement from now on and perform support for social movement to activate.

What is ward version social movement support center?

It is base of support, promotion of social movement in area.

[main function]
  1. Consultation, coordinates about social movement and lifelong learning
  2. Interchange, network of social movement group
  3. Offer of place of information exchange, reporting
  4. Offers of activity place
Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section (the second-floor 22nd window)
Telephone (045) 954-6099
Facsimile (045) 955-3341

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