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It deals with some duties by the end of the morning on second fourth Saturday

Open agency day and reception hours

It is 12:00 from 9:00 on every month second fourth Saturday (excluded for the year-end and New Year holidays)

Handling duties

It becomes only some duties of Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division, Children and Families Support Division.
Contents are as follows. (note) there are duties to handle partly, and not to be possible.

Section name Person in charge name Handling duties  Phone number
Family Registry Division  Family Registry Section (the first floor twelfth) All the family register matter certificate (certified copy), family register individual matter certificate (abridgment) Telephone 045-954-6031
Registration Section (the first floor ninth) Notice of the change of address, notice of the change of address, copying, Seal Registration, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate Telephone 045-954-6034
Insurance and Pension Division  National Health Insurance Section (the the first-floor 4, fifth) Thing [the fifth] about payment of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens Telephone 045-954-6138
Thing about the person with a disability medical expenses furtherance severe in Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment, the single-parent home the medical expenses furtherance
[the fifth]
Telephone 045-954-6035
Thing [the fourth] about qualification and premium of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance Telephone 045-954-6134
National Pension Plan Section (the first floor sixth) Qualification report of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), thing about premium exemption Telephone 045-954-6131
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section (the first floor) Application, reception desk of Child Allowance, thing about grant of mother and child health handbook Telephone 045-954-6151

(note) [duties that cannot treat collecting]

  • It deals with the Network System for Basic Resident Registers -related duties such as resident registry card issuance and electronic certificate issuance, and there is not.
  • Payment consultation duties of premium (National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens) handle, and they are not possible.
  • Consultation, acceptance duties of disability pension handle, and they are not possible.
  • When confirmation of permanent addresses is necessary for other municipalities, we may become caretaker.
  • There are contents which deal with things about pension receipt only in pension office, and are not made.
  • When inquiry is necessary for pension mechanism in Japan, past pension record, payment record become custody.
  • As for the medical system for elder senior citizens, procedure performs only acceptance of application for the outside on system operation day.
  • For more information about handling duties, please refer to each person in charge.


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