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Special dish of Asahi

Event about "special dish of Asahi"

 We are holding "special dish of Asahi" stamp rally!
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What is "special dish of Asahi?"

Asahi brand logo mark Asahi brand logo mark Shigetada Hatakeyama brand logo mark

 For the purpose of enhancing attachment to Asahi Ward, we authorize thing which there was of recommendation and unusual thing only by Asahi Ward as "special dish of Asahi" in sale, offered food, drink in Asahi Ward if particularly delicious. Please appreciate menu which only Asahi Ward has.

Introduction booklet "shopping district which is boiled which breeds in special dish of Asahi mumblingly"

Asahi brand

 We authorize 30 articles of products which there was much of recommendation from all of Asahi Ward residence, working, attendance at school.
 Asahi brand is red logo mark.
Asahi brand logo mark

  Store name Authorized article Genre
1 ZOORASIA Savannah Terrace muambaraisu Dish
2 Homemade Japanese confectionery young grass Sekihan Side dish
3 Hundred million spearflower main office small slices of fish dressed with sauce Hundred million spearflowers (monaka) Japanese confectionery
4 Koshiji Brown rice cheese bun Bread
5 La fururu de apple Apple pie Western confectionery
6 Pose cafe Rouge (strawberry shortcake) Western confectionery
7 Treasure shop of meat Treasure shop barbecued pork Side dish
8 Cafe restaurant Maya Maya rice Dish
9 Chicken dishes soto river Yakitori Side dish
10 Takanashi dairy business It is GG to Takanashi yoghurt stomach! Others
11 Window or studio Coffee cookies Western confectionery
12 Large dragon Chinese restaurant Spicy oil to eat Side dish
13 1,000 shop main office Futamatagawa store Grilled tuna skewer Dish
14 Bake, and take, and there is place; Shii Popular No1 tsukune Dish
15 Yokohama teahouse Futamatagawa life shop Ohagi Japanese confectionery
16 Sono Watanabe Glory (tea) Drink
17 katakumiju々moku Fried soy sauce Daifuku Japanese confectionery
18 Japanese confectionery Iseya See, and drip; dumpling Japanese confectionery
19 The soba restaurant preciousness sum The reckoning sky Dish
20 Live bar "deep-sea fish" Whimsical seafood salad Dish
21 Charcoal fire yakiniku public hormone "thing" shirokorohorumon Dish
22 We work as sushi Japanese food Kazuhisa We hold the top Dish
23 We wait and blow Acorn tea Drink
24 Chinese Mitsuyoshi Miso ramen Dish
25 Shop tea sum -sawa- of castella hot from the oven  In the morning grilled castella Western confectionery
26 Miko Miko Company Madeleine Western confectionery
27 hottosakonyama Sashimi set meal Dish
28 Community office & dining spring Chiffon cake Western confectionery
29 Japanese dishes, Soba canal Tempura Cha-soba Dish
30 House of second Asahi Jam of A'PPY & PANIER Others

Asahi & Shigetada Hatakeyama brand

 We authorize Asahi Ward mascot character, Asahi, Kamakura military commander, Shigetada Hatakeyama product 25 articles related to Asahi Ward associated with publicly.
 Asahi brand is light blue, and Shigetada Hatakeyama brand is purple logo mark.
 About Asahi and Shigetada Hatakeyama, please see the lower part of this page in detail.
Asahi brand logo mark Shigetada Hatakeyama brand logo mark

  Store name Authorized article Genre
1 wakakoishiikakoho of the four seasons Asahi pancake stuffed with bean jam Japanese confectionery
2 Kiyoshi of meat "Asahi" stew hamburg Side dish
3 Homemade Japanese confectionery young grass Shigetada monaka Japanese confectionery
4 Rice rice We grasp beji of Asahi Side dish
5 La fururu de apple Helmet (sable), I of Shigetada Shigetada (sable) Western confectionery
6 Shirone school society working center wish Asahi cookies, samurai Asahi cookies Western confectionery
7 Sun Etoile Tsurugamine store Asahi Bakery Bread
8 Meal Aya studio Asahi Ward government office store Asahi lunch Dish
9 Cafe restaurant Maya Asahi plate Dish
10 nachu - ru roll Asahi Bakery Bread
11 Shikimidai Aoki store It is Shigetada of pure Chinese sake Asahi particularly Nishiki, Chichibu Drink
12 Yokohama teahouse Futamatagawa life shop Getting out pot omelet Side dish
13 Yokohama teahouse Futamatagawa life shop You tear off corner sky "Satsumaage" and Yokohama, and assort Side dish
14 Yokohama teahouse Futamatagawa life shop Start ohagi of Asahi Japanese confectionery
15 Western dishes Juri Futamatagawa life shop Asahi dessert plate with logo Dish
16 Tailor Futamatagawa life shop Shigetada low dining table Dish
17 Sono Watanabe Asahi premium green tea of medium quality Drink
18 Shigetada tofu Aokiya of Asahi "Shigetada of Asahi" series (tofu) Side dish
19 Live bar "deep-sea fish" Asahi cocktail sour Drink
20 Amman den confectionery Asahi hall cake Western confectionery
21 Sono Sasaki Shigetada famous tea Makigahara Drink
22 Sound of boiling water in a teakettle temple Gong (pancake stuffed with bean jam) of Shigetada Japanese confectionery
23 The support centers deliciously browned studio Asahi Bakery Bread
24 The Yukis of kimchi Asahi chijimi - potato & cheese ...  Side dish 
25 Tree of walnut Solar madeleine Western confectionery 

With Asahi
 Asahi is mascot character of Asahi Ward which was born by open call for participants in commemoration of the Asahi Ward birth 40th anniversary.
 We are announced at Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward festival opening ceremony held on October 26, 2008 and play an active part in events performed afterward in ward.

 Specifically, it is page of character Asahi of ⇒ Asahi Ward


With Shigetada Hatakeyama
 Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama (1164 - 1205) was trusted in military commanders who played an active part in the Kamakura era very much by Yoritomo Minamoto. It was military commander with advanced "intellect, jin, yu" skills, but we were rolled up in struggle for power of the Kamakura era and died tragic but brave death near current Futamatagawa.
 It is handed down as military commander who is high in honor until the present age, and a lot of historic spots of Prince Shigetada connection remain in Asahi Ward.

Specifically, it is page of Kamakura military commander Shigetada Hatakeyama

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