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Meeting with Futamatagawa district contact rice cake was held!

On December 9, "meeting with contact rice cake" of Futamatagawa district was held in Futamatagawa Elementary School. "We flatter!" and rice cake are worn-out with two rice mortars. Many children challenged with an effort, too.
There was line with rice cake ticket and got cooperation of youth volunteers, and approximately 1,260 rice cakes were distributed. In addition, as for the quite popular pork miso soup which was seasoned to be able to enjoy to the last drop, there was figure which enjoyed meeting while close a lot on approximately 1,150 cups and warm day.

 January 5, 2018 Futamatagawa district charge

 State of powerful rice cake making    Youth volunteer did the best, too

State of powerful rice cake making


Youth volunteer did the best, too!

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