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About this site

Site policy

 City of Yokohama, Aoba Ward runs Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi WEB site (http://translate-en.city.yokohama.lg.jp/aoba/).
 About service that procedure and ward office where ward office becomes window carry out, we guide clearly.
 In addition, about various approaches by inhabitants of a ward performed in entertainment that we have you participate in inhabitants of a ward and held and each area in Aoba Ward, we tell about the state widely.
 We will expand contents in future so that this WEB site can help in life of inhabitants of a ward.

Making standard of contents

 We establish standard when we make Web page in Yokohama-shi in "Yokohama-shi Internet information tray dispatch guidelines" to consider so that necessary information reaches all the people that this WEB site is used appropriately, and not to force to inconvenience.
 About the details, please see "detailed rules 1 WEB page making standard".

Copyright Policy

 As a general rule, Yokohama-shi owns copyright of this WEB site. It is book which protection of Copyright Act is for, and sentence, each information such as photograph, illustration placing and each page become a target of copyright as editing book about the whole of this site.
 We cannot do reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Act including reproduction and quotation for private use.
 When you hope for quotation, conversion, reproduction more than approved ranges in Copyright Act, please contact reference listed in the contents lower part directly.

Link policy

 About link between this WEB site and other WEB sites, we handle based on rule of "link standard of Yokohama-shi Internet information tray dispatch guidelines detailed rules 2 WEB page".

Information about advertising

 We make banner advertising slot for city WEB page to plan promotion such as city company and store and finance of Motoichi in Yokohama-shi. As for the details, please see information for Yokohama-shi advertisement business.

About personal information

 In this WEB site, we act for the making of web page that you can use to the handling, in peace appropriately based on "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" about collection, the use of personal information and the management.
 About Yokohama-shi - privacy policies


 Yokohama-shi places information about accuracy of information to list in this WEB site with extreme caution, but does not guarantee accuracy of this information and integrity.
 Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of this WEB site.
 In addition, about site of third party linking in from Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi WEB site or Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi WEB site, we do not take any responsibility.
 We change contents without notice or may delete Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi WEB site, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.