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Guidance for public information yokohama Aoba Ward

Green leaves for public information yokohama Aoba Ward

In Yokohama-shi, we issue public information yokohama kakukuban and public information yokohama shiban every month.

Issue dates

Issue date Every month 1st (news and same period issuance of prefecture)
Appearance Ward version: 12 pages or page 8 (put between city version) for tabloid
City version: Eight pages of tabloid versions
Publication contents Events to be carried out targeting at inhabitants of a ward (citizen) every month by 10th in the next month from 11th
Distribution time Until every month 10th
Distribution method We ask Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations for distribution
(there is area of each house distribution by silver human resources center by hope, too)
Acquisition method We can distribute to the posts by supplier directly. Please refer to Public Relations Section.
Inquiry Aoba Ward government office Public Relations Section (the first-floor first window)
Telephone: 045-978-2222 FAX: 045-978-2411

Other acquisition methods

It is available in PR box installing in public facilities such as public information yokohamaha, station.

Facility where PR box is put

  • Municipal subway line (Azamino Station)
  • Tokyu Denentoshi Line (Tama-Plaza Station, Azamino Station, Eda Station, Ichigao Station, Fujigaoka Station, Aobadai Station, Tana Station)
  • Service counter in the city hall (Azamino Station, Nagatsuta Station)
  • Green leaves public hall
  • Yamauchi library
  • District center in ward
  • Community house in ward
  • Community care plaza in ward
  • Aoba Ward Council of Social Welfare
  • Aoba Ward welfare center for the old utopia green leaves
  • Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
  • House of the servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village four seasons
  • Art forum Azamino
  • Aoba Ward area child care support base "rafuru"

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