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Public information radio program (FM sarusu)

Anyway, we will listen! FM sarusu

In community FM radio "FM sarusu," we send a lot of information of Aoba Ward.
We want to listen to information of Aoba Ward right now! Method to hear FM sarusu is three of next.

[1] Let's listen on FM radio
 If it is Aoba Ward and the outskirt, we can listen on FM radio of home and car. Please add frequency and 84.1MHz.
 For more details, please see FM sarusuhomupeji.

[2] Let's listen on the Internet
 "Electric wave of radio does not arrive, and such you are all right, too! If it is the Internet, we can obtain information of Aoba Ward from anywhere in the world.
 It is Clik! on Internet streaming "simultaneous radio" right now
 Let's hear FM sarusu on the Internet! (We watch simultaneous radio
Windows Media Player is necessary to watch simultaneous radio.
Please see this about detailed seeing and hearing environment.

We love Aoba Ward! Oh, value Radio (Aoba Ward public information radio program)

●Oh, it is value Radio
 We send useful advantageous information by all means if we know from Aoba Ward government office!
 Contents including event information in ward and information that is indispensable to everyday life are varied.

[broadcast time] (20 minutes program)
 From Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 11:20 (live broadcasting), from 18:30 to 18:50 (rebroadcast)
 Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 9:30 (digest version)
 We can hear conventional "ao value Radio" here.

●Oh, ... which is value Radio - multiple languages edition
We send news from Aoba Ward government office in foreign language (5 languages). It is recommended to person studying foreign language! 

[broadcast time] (five minutes program)
 From from Monday to Friday 18:50

On Monday On Tuesday On Wednesday On Thursday On Friday
Chinese The Hangul Alphabet English Spanish English

 ●Disaster prevention green leaves
 Evacuation sites, communication method with family, everyday; possess; ・・.
 Okay! We send information for time called this.

[broadcast time] (five minutes program)
 From from Monday to Friday 11:20

※You can listen to conventional "disaster prevention green leaves" from FM sarusuhomupeji "FM Salus archives".

Windows Media Player is necessary to watch sound data.
Please see this about detailed seeing and hearing environment.

 As for held notice and live broadcast of event in ward. Though "weather is not good enough, do you carry out that event, today?" Please hear FM sarusu in such a case.

Is it FM sarusu ttenaani?

84.1MHz FM sarusuhttp://www.fm-salus.jp/

 FM sarusu is community FM radio station which assumes Aoba Ward broadcast area. 
 We report on activity in area of inhabitants of a ward and introduce and invite person who is active in Aoba Ward lively to guest and send information of Aoba Ward every day.
 In FM sarusu, we are broadcasting information in ward from news from Aoba Ward government office to parking lot information of the number of fires and the number of crime occurrence, ward office and neighborhood shopping center to every corner!

FM sarusu program (photograph)

 Please tell FM sarusu topic, information, question, anything concerning Aoba Ward. We look forward to impression of program!
[address] E-mail fm841@fm-salus.jp fax 045-905-0751