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2017 public information TV show "Yokohama of ao value TV from hill"

The latest "ao value TV" is ...

"Yokohama of ao value TV from hill"
We catch various "charm" of Aoba Ward every theme and introduce!


Broadcast of from January to February in 2018,
[relief, security! Town green leaves for disaster]
We feature the theme of this and introduce facilities which can learn about approach and disaster prevention to Aoba Ward original disaster prevention!

It is ... with "ao value TV"

Oh, it is value TV logo 
"ao value TV" is program to introduce charm of Aoba Ward including event in Aoba Ward and scenery every season to.

Every Tuesday from 21:30 to 21:40
Every Saturday from 16:10 to 16:20
Every Monday from 12:15 to 12:25
Every Tuesday from 12:15 to 12:25

Conventional broadcast content (Internet delivery)

Broadcast month Theme The Internet
The delivery situation
November, December [town green leaves which spot touched for art, work of art and art, art has abundant]
We are active in spot and Aoba Ward which can conflict with art and art to be dotted with in Aoba Ward a lot and introduce about artist with connection in Aoba Ward!
Under delivery
 8, 9.10 month [town green leaves supporting child care]
Aoba Ward is town with much number of children. In addition, beautiful cityscape and transportation network are maintained while the number of park and roadside trees is town which is full of nature if the city is number one and commercial facilities are substantial and have convenience and are town which child care is easy to do.
noao value TV introduces approach to support spot and child care that child care becomes fun this time!
Under delivery
 6.7 month [flower and green town green leaves]
To holding of "urban greening yokohama fair of the whole country", we held approach "flower necklace green leaves 2017" which did the ward to fill the flower in Aoba Ward.
With noao value TV, we send state of Aoba Ward that approach and flower of this "flower necklace green leaves 2017" became the end this time.
Under delivery
 4.5 month [the history and classic town green leaves]
"Daisen Highway" proud of bustle as daisankei rino way in the Edo era,
We introduce around "Eda accommodation" which prospered in that as the only post town in ward!
Under delivery