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List of ward office window, outline of business, phone numbers

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The fourth floor
Section nameBusiness contentPhone number
(as for the area code 045)
Person in charge nameWindow number
General Affairs Division The temporary number, lot number proof, anti-disaster measures 978-2211 - 3 General Affairs Section
Risk Management Subdivision
The fourth floor 71st
Budget, financial statements of ward, Government building management, lost article 978-2214 Budget Adjustment Section The fourth floor 71st
Various election (absentee vote), statistics investigation, ward board of elections 978-2205 - 7 Statistics and Elections Section The fourth floor 72nd
Ward Administration Promotion Division  Plan, adjustment of main business of ward, making of rule consultation center of town 978-2216 - 7 Planning and Adjustment Section The fourth floor 73rd
Promotion of local power 978-2286 Planning and Adjustment Section The fourth floor 73rd
Regional Promotion Division Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, anti-crime program, mall promotion, consumer life, road safety (illegally parked bicycle measures, illegal parking measures) 978-2291 - 2 Person in charge of local action The fourth floor 74th
Exploitation of resources, reduction promotion of garbage, illegal dumping measures 978-2299 Resources Reuse Promotion The fourth floor 74th
Lifelong learning course, culture promotion business, young people healthy upbringing, communication adjustment with inhabitant of a ward cultural organization 978-2294 - 7 Person in charge of culture, community The fourth floor 75th
Sports, physical education promotion, administration, management of use of inhabitant of a ward facility 978-2294 - 7 Sports, facility charge The fourth floor 75th
The third floor
Section nameBusiness contentPhone number
(as for the area code 045)
Person in charge nameWindow number
Tax Division Evaluation, taxation of house 978-2254 - 8 House charge The third floor 50th
Evaluation, taxation of land 978-2248 - 51 Land Section The third floor 51st
Proof of fixed assets, house proof (used) for house The third floor 52nd
Taxation proof, tax payment proof 978-2241 City Tax Section The third floor 53rd
Registration, junk car of motor bike, taxation of light motor vehicles 978-2245 The third floor 54th
Report, taxation of personal municipal tax, prefectural tax 978-2241 - 4 The third floor 55th
Tax payment consultation
Payment, disposition for failure to pay taxes (seizure, public auction) of nonpayment city tax
978-2275 - 8 Tax Receipt Section The third floor 59th
Ward's Treasurer's Office Receipts such as city tax refund, National Health Insurance allowance for family medical expenses, income certificate stamp 978-2261 - 2 Accounting Section The third floor 56th
Bank "Koban" (police box) Payment such as city taxes The third floor 57th
Health Sanitation Division Various license application such as business application, report of food facility, consultation of food hygiene, reports such as medical care, pharmaceutical facility, doctor 978-2463 - 4 Food hygiene charge The third floor 61st
Hygiene of cistern Channel to do business, and to provide equipment, and to report, and to manage hygiene of building, and to receive such as law of nature beauty, consultations such as pests, hygiene consultation of house, appropriate breeding consultation of dog/cat 978-2465 - 6 Environmental hygiene responsible The third floor 62nd
Health and Welfare Division Vaccinations, cancer screening, lifestyle-related diseases prevention, nutrition, health consultation, dentistry health, tuberculosis, infectious disease measures 978-2438 - 41 Health Promotion Section The third floor 63rd
Local welfare officer, children's committee, member of health practice promotion 978-2433 - 5 Administration Planning Section The third floor 64th
Community-based welfare health planning, community care plaza 978-2436 - 7 Business planning staff
Life support section Life poor independence support, consultation, application of social security 978-2446 - 7 Life support person in charge The third floor 65th
As for payment, the war dead of welfare allowance, it is bereaved protection business 978-2435 Person in charge of office work
The second floor
Section nameBusiness contentPhone number
(as for the area code 045)
Person in charge nameWindow number
Family Registry Division Permission, identifications such as family register report, joseki*, abridgment, fire burial 978-2225 - 7 Family Registry Section The second floor 21st
Resident certificate, Seal Registration, koseki*, abridgment, foreign resident certificate, pension present situation proof Registration Section The second floor 23rd
Proof issuance window
Report of transfer, seal registration applications such as transference, transference, moving, Basic Resident Register card 978-2233 - 5 The second floor 24th
Attendance at school, transference studies of board school, junior high school 978-2231 The second floor 25th
Insurance and Pension Division Payment of payment The Long-term Care Insurance of payment (high medical costs, delivery lump sum, hospitalization meal charges) medical system for elder senior citizens of medical expenses furtherance National Health Insurance of children, severe person with a disability, single-parent home 978-2337 - 8 National Health Insurance Section The second floor 27th
Procedure, premium, funeral costs of National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens, hospitalization ceiling certificate, qualification procedure, premium of The Long-term Care Insurance 978-2335 - 6 National Health Insurance Section The second floor 28th
Procedure, pension consultation of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) (first insured person), reports of welfare pension 978-2331 - 2 National Pension Plan Section The second floor 30th
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Specific disease, identification of respect for the old special ride 978-2444 Person in charge of advanced age, obstacle office work The second floor 34th
Reception counter of welfare health consultation
The Long-term Care Insurance authorization 978-2478 - 9 The Long-term Care Insurance charge
Protection elderly person support required, care preventive support, visit instruction, halfway person with a disability support 978-2449 - 52 Elderly person support charge
The person with a physical disability welfare, the mentally-disabled person welfare, the mental health welfare, incurable disease patient support 978-2453 Person with a disability support charge
Children and Families Support Division     Management administration of municipal nursery school, authorization nursery school, Yokohama nersery room 978-2428 Childcare charge The second floor 37th
Child Allowance, children identification illness, nurture medical care, upbringing medical care 978-2457 Children and Families Support Section The second floor 37th
Infants medical examination, mother and the child visit instruction, child care support, mother and child health handbook 978-2456 Child-rearing Support Section The second floor 37th
Consultation about child care that is pubertal from infants 978-2460 Child home support consultation The second floor 37th
Cooperation, Schoolchildren's Day Care with school 978-2345 School cooperation, child charge The second floor 37th
The first floor
Section nameBusiness contentPhone number
(as for the area code 045)
Person in charge nameWindow number
Ward Administration Promotion Division Government building guidance, consultation, request, petition, information disclosure about municipal administration, public information of municipal administration, special consultation 978-2221 - 2 Public Relations Section The first-floor first

Engineering works office (ward office goes)
Section nameBusiness contentPhone number
(as for the area code 045)
Person in charge nameWindow number
Green leaves engineering works office Private use permission, park act permission, park protection society office work, park, green tract of land, city park office work, the private road maintenance furtherance 971-2300 Administration Section 31-1, Ichigaocho (ward office goes)
Maintenance, repair of road, maintenance of roadside tree Road Section
Maintenance, redevelopment of the sewer, river, engineering management of park, green tract of land, city park, park protection society Sewage and Park Section