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Election polling place

Take "guide of vote"!

 You enclose "information for vote" in one envelope in every household, and take your "guide of vote" as you mail. Receptionist at window smoothens.

Early vote (mailing direct in ballot box)

 Person who cannot go to polling place on election day in work or leisure with possibility, please use early vote system.
 As I send "information for vote" in the case of election, take if it arrives. (we can vote without "information for vote".)


Please use early vote place of ward (ward enrolled in electoral list) to live. (person that address was moved, please confirm registration place of electoral list here recently. →Where is your vote?

Absentee vote

  ・・System that can vote in board of elections of municipality staying in for ・ business trip, trip, delivery   ・・System that can vote in ・ hospitalization, hospital or nursing home entering   ・・System that need of nursing care 5 in person having severe disability in ・ body and Nursing Care Insurance Law can vote by mail

Where was gone back to recently from foreign territory…

 In the case of non-registration, domestic electoral list can do early votes (ward office) after temporary homecoming or returning home, and person having overseas election testimony of a witness can vote in polling place (in the designated overseas election polling place of each ※ designated overseas election polling place ward one place Aoba Ward Aoba Ward government office) which we appointed on election day. The presentation of overseas election testimony of a witness is necessary for vote. For more details, please refer.

Election bulletin is put for ward office, district center

 We send election bulletin to each household. In addition, please use as soon as you print and get nervous as you put for ward office, district center in ward.

[mobile correspondence] http://m.city.yokohama.lg.jp/sk/
[inquiry] Aoba Ward Electoral Management Committee telephone 978-2205 - 7 FAX978-2410

Turnout according to polling place in ward in various latest election

Past election data this (to page of Yokohama-shi board of elections)


To page of Yokohama-shi board of elections

To page of Kanagawa board of elections

About Internet campaigning

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