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Aoba Ward members meeting

With Aoba Ward members meeting

 Aoba Ward members meeting is meeting installing in by agreement of member of prefectural assembly of the Aoba Ward election and councilor to discuss about administration in Aoba Ward.   
 As a general rule, meeting is held six times a year and demands attendance of the administration or other people concerned as needed, and it is said that we can hear explanation.
 Agreement matter is revised in meeting of May, 2014 and will release minutes and meeting materials.

Minutes, meeting materials

The year The date Minutes Meeting materials※
26 May 1, 2014  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 207KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 8,046KB)
June 9, 2014 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 181KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 16,203KB)
September 5, 2014  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 201KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 7,164KB)
February 3, 2015  Minutes (EXCEL form, 56KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 10,248KB)
27 June 9, 2015  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 209KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 13,096KB)
July 24, 2015  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 241KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 10,004KB)
September 9, 2015  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 240KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 9,696KB)
February 8, 2016 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 215KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 12,055KB)
28 June 21, 2016 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 242KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 2,730KB)
September 7, 2016  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 276KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 15,974KB)
February 13, 2017  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 251KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 5,514KB)
29 June 5, 2017 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 183KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 4,672KB)
September 7, 2017 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 172KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 3,064KB)
February 6, 2018 Minutes (Portable Document Format, 213KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 7,253KB)
30 June 1, 2018  Minutes (Portable Document Format, 253KB) Document (Portable Document Format, 1,845KB)
※About document 1, you can see from this.

※Among meeting materials, please see homepage of association of Aoba Ward self-government chairperson fair about association of Aoba Ward self-government chairperson society ordinary assembly document.

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