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Message (Director General appointment greetings) from Director General

... Director General appointment greetings ...


Green leaves inhabitants of a wardDirector General photograph


It is shodejuka (dark Shigeyoshi) which took office as green leaves Director General from April.


With rich nature and beautiful cityscape, various places played an active part in wide field came a lot since we took office as Aoba Ward as vice-Director General, and various activities realized what was performed lively commencing with local action last year.

I feel honored to be able to be engaged in administration of ward in Aoba Ward full of such charm sequentially very and feel that the body is tightened in heavy responsibility at the same time. We match power with all of you, and Aoba Ward will wrestle with "town where we want to continue living and want to live" in by all the staff all energy from now on for the future to be able to think.

Thank you I would like support, cooperation.


2018 4 tsukiaoyokuchoshodejuka


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