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Message (New Year greetings ... A Happy New Year ...) from Director General

A Happy New Year it is ... greetings ... on the New Year


 Director General message (New Year greetings)

A Happy New Year it is ... ...




 A Happy New Year 

 We usually have support, cooperation for promotion of the green leaves administration of a ward, and thank you very much. We thank heartily.

 We push forward various approaches as "green leaves quality project" to raise charm of town in Aoba Ward more. It is and wrestles with staff bullet in enhancement of approach of "green leaves child system" strengthening horizontal connection of child care supporter and the preparation to disaster with "Aoba Ward version communication system", promotion and flower of art culture and various fields such as charm dispatch of ward by town planning filled with greenery to realize community development which is easy to perform child care.

 Furthermore, of "green leaves in 1% of your power "next generation upbringing" offered program of viewpoint of three of "social company", and "local debut" started one step of new approach for the purpose of having step forward to ward inhabitants for o password for the future of Aoba Ward in the future!". We are stouthearted at all and, in Aoba Ward, feel that a lot of people having abundant experience and high skill, knowledge can wrestle for problem for the future with such.

 Aoba Ward is maintained cityscape and towns with much charm such as rich nature, convenience of traffic, but low birthrate and aging, wave of population decline approach the Aoba Ward.

 We always fix our eyes on the future and, in such situation, will push forward this year various approaches powerfully for the future by preparing for the best so that it is continued being "town where we wait and want to live in where we want to continue living" in. Inhabitants of a ward would like support, one of cooperation sequentially.
 I wish that this year is splendid one year for all of you.




January, 2018 green leaves Director General Kyoichi Koike 


Message from conventional Director General