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Aoba Ward mascot nashikachan


We were born in commemoration of the green leaves constituency system 15th anniversary.
Costume is done in the constituency system 20th anniversary and publicizes all of you and contact, Aoba Ward by local events.


Birth story

 In April, 2009, it was chosen from 3 superior works in 1,777 works put by children in ward in commemoration of the green leaves constituency system 15th anniversary by vote of inhabitants of a ward.
 Naoyuki Ueda (uedanaoyuki) of Satsukigaoka Elementary School created design in the image of flower "pear" of Aoba Ward. Hand and foot express beautiful green of Aoba Ward. From nickname of 407 points sent to work of Ueda as for the nickname again by discussion of Aoba Ward mascot Committee,
 ・It comes to be flower (flower of pear) of ward
 ・Being nickname pretty clearly
 ・It is good for gentle image to have of work
 ・There is much number of votes
 "nashikachan" was chosen among reason called this.


About appearance

Appearance schedule

We will tell about event information that nashikachanga appears on at any time. In fun! 

●Past appearance

About costume

By local events, please enliven event by nashikachanno appearance.
Please confirm the following page about rental of costume.

We announce nashikachanga as a result of "mascot ® Grand Prix 2014" that appeared for the first time! (November 4, 2014 update)


About use of nashikachanno illustration

●When we want to use nashikachanno illustration
 We read "use of Aoba Ward mascot character "nashikachan" illustration summary" and are necessary for use of illustration application 
 You specify matter, and please submit to Aoba Ward Public Relations Section.

 Use of Aoba Ward mascot character "nashikachan" illustration summary (Portable Document Format 873KB)

 Use of Aoba Ward mascot character "nashikachan" illustration application (Word form 36.5KB)

 Mascot pattern "basics pose"
Basic pose

  "We call" for mascot pattern

  Mascot pattern "relaxation"

  "We run" mascot pattern

"We point to mascot pattern to the left"
We are pointed to the left 

  "We point to mascot pattern to the right"
We are pointed to the right

 Mascot pattern "is not appreciated"
We are in trouble

 "We are pleased" with mascot pattern
Is pleased

 "We think" about mascot pattern

 Mascot pattern "(put on airs) which pretends ignorance"
Pretend ignorance (put on airs)

Mascot pattern "is surprised"
Is surprised 

 "Spring 1"
Spring 1

  Spring 2
Spring 2

  Summer 1
Summer 1

  Summer 2
Summer 2

Autumn 1
Autumn 1 

  Autumn 2
Autumn 2

 Winter 1
Winter 1


Winter 2

Winter 2




  Child care
Child care





"We point to mascot pattern to the left"


 ●Please click the right button on downloading method 1 illustration. 2 names, and please store image. It is 3 downloading completion. ※When data of illustrator are necessary, please connect with Aoba Ward Public Relations Section. ●Application presentation Aoba Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section (the first floor of the ward office first) telephone: 978-2222 FAX: 978-2411 Email: ao-koho@city.yokohama.jp

Goods concerned

nashikachan sable

We are selling in the first floor of the Aoba Ward government office cafe "contact shoppuhatopoppo".
In a limited quantity! When want surely; reservation.

Social welfare corporation Kazue welfare society love
(the left) chief Iyama (the right) hato factory group leader Aikawa
"We bake nashikachan sable with handmade model carefully one by one. We make with thought that customer wants you to become smile every day."

Contact shoppuhatopoppo
●Business hours…From 10:00 to 16:00 (absent for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)
●The number of the seats…35 seats (entirely non-smoking)
●The store location…The first floor in Aoba Ward synthesis Government building

Memory of the 20th anniversary of the constituency system

We are designed in nashikachanga "20".

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