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Business to make use of the history of native district in in the future

Business to make use of the history of native district in in the future

We hold various courses and lectures every year so that it is opportunity to mention local history culture. (fair of Aoba Ward local history "keeping the history of native district alive sponsorship in the future")
As it is irregular and carries out, please confirm this homepage and public information yokohamaogo!

Consecutive history courses

Ayumi history sight-seeing course, PART2 [the application end] of green leaves to look at to geographical book

About history of Aoba Ward, it is course to be able to learn by lecture and two copies of constitution of sight-seeing.
Be involved in the splendid history of Aoba Ward and we rediscover local charm and will hand down the history of native district in the future!

The date and time: From June 9, 2017 to January, 2018 (principle every month second Friday)
Capacity: 30 (application of this year was finished)
Entrance fee: 4,000 yen (all eight times)

Offer handbill (PDF: 134KB)

[course plan]
The first June 9 Lecture The remains of village, morning light Terahara cooking rice Akira Sakamoto
The second July 14 Lecture Sugiyama Shrine consideration of the Middle Ages chuseibokaishi
The third August 25 Lecture Tsuzuki county government office thing is enough Hiroyuki Matsumoto
The fourth September 8 Lecture Ancient morality of the Tsurumi River, Onda River southern coast Masao Aizawa
The fifth October 13 Sight-seeing Shinohara ruins of a castle and Kamakura way, long fortune temple Meeting which protects Shinohara Castle green
The sixth  November 10 Sight-seeing Sword Shinto shrine and Kamakura way, Eda hotel The governing board
The seventh December 8 Sight-seeing Around Nara, Midoriyama and Tamagawagakuen museum The governing board
The eighth January 12, 30 Sight-seeing We investigate Ushigome, Hirakawa, the Hoki area The governing board

※We may be change on account of the lecturer.
※Please note that you cannot offer only document.

Public lecture

... which enjoys ukiyoe print and famous place picture - view related to Kanagawa

Culture of Edo seeing from ukiyoe print. Let's learn the history from the world of the beauty for pleasure, pleasure "sense of beauty of play" to read to see ukiyoe print!

The date and time: Saturday, October 14 from 10:00 to 11:30 (reception desk 9:30)
Meeting place: Aoba Ward government office the fourth floor meeting room
Lecturer: Murasaki Fujisawa (doctor, Kokugakuin University Graduate School's professor, international ukiyoe print society permanent post director, Adachi tradition woodcut technology preservation foundation councilor)
Entrance fee: 300 yen (document charges)
Application: Unnecessary

※Of parking lot is not offering. Please use public transport.

Held handbill (PDF: 171KB)

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