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Green leaves 6 university cooperation business




We concluded basic agreement about cooperation, cooperation with each university in January, 2010 to deepen 6 universities and local connection having campus in Aoba Ward in ward.

(1) Purpose
 Cooperate, and both sides have this agreement cooperation based on mutual relationships of mutual trust each university and Aoba Ward closely; is intended that contribute to upbringing of personnel, improvement of scientific study and the formation, development of vitality unique community which there is by being intellectual, and effectively utilizing material and human resources.

(2) Cooperation, cooperation item
 Oh, it is thing about upbringing of human resources.
 Thing about improvement of i scientific study.
 Thing about effectively utilizing that cormorant provides equipment.
 Oh, thing about the formation, development of unique community where there is vitality.
 Both o and others recognize as need for purpose of preceding article.


Introduction of each university

Homepage of each university opens when we click name (school badge) of university.



Kokugakuin University
Yokohama Tama-Plaza campus
(3-22-1, Shinishikawa)
Tamagawa University
(6-1-1, Tamagawagakuen, Machida-shi, Tokyo
... Naracho)
Toin University of Yokohama
(1614, Kuroganecho)
 Nippon Sport Science University
Yokohama, Kenji stand campus
(1221-1, Kamoshidacho)
 Yokohama university of arts
(1204, Kamoshidacho)
 Seisa University
(8-80, Satsukigaoka)





Past approach


Event information

 When we invite public participation for participant, it is for this page and public information yokohama Aoba Ward and publishes in event to plan at Aoba Ward and green leaves 6 university.


Green leaves 6 university information corner  University student nashikachan In the first floor of the Aoba Ward government office inhabitant of a ward hall, we establish green leaves 6 university information section. As you put university guidance or event information of each university, you can take to go freely. When you come to ward office, please drop in.



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