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Public hall facilities

(1) Each room area

The first floor Hall 823.75m2 The second floor Meeting room (1 size) 112.62m2
Waiting room (the sum) 24.91m2 Meeting room (the 2 small) 48.94m2
Waiting room (yo) 23.28m2 10-tatami Japanese-style room X 2 80.73m2
Rehearsal room 66.00m2
  • ※Stage area…Approximately 120m2 (stage sleeve is excluded.)
  •            (13m (frontage) *9m (depth))

(2) Seating capacity of hall

The total number 600 seats
Fixed seat 468 seats It supports six seats of other wheelchair seats
Moving seat 132 seats

(3) List of stage facilities such as lighting, sound

Kind Machine parts Specifications
Lighting Footlight 60W X 60 light
The first borderlights 150W X 63 light
The second borderlights 150W X 63 light
The first suspension light 1KW *24
The second suspension light 1KW *24
The third suspension light 1KW *16
Sky anti-light *28 300W
Ceiling is light 1KW *24
roahorizonraito 200W X 84 light
appahorizonraito *56 300W
Front sidelight 1KW *24
Follow pins spotlight 1KW *2
Sound Sound table (WR-C916) One set
Submixer (sleeve mixer) One
Cassette deck One
Player (CD, MD) For each one
Proscenium speaker One set
Stage side speaker Two
Stage speaker Two
Glance speaker Four
Stage front desk speaker Three
Monitor speaker Three
Air monitor microphone One set
Three points of hanging microphones One set
Dynamic microphone Eight
Cordless microphone Four hand types
Three tiepin types
The microphone stands Three desk models
It is seven models in floor
Six boom types
Piano YAMAHA grand piano CFIIIS Nothing (hall)
YAMAHA compact grand piano A1 Nothing (rehearsal room)
16 millimeters of film projectors Elmo CX-550 habit non Two

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