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Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center information paper green leaves ashisuto

Green leaves ashisuto

Distribution place

In Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we issue lifelong learning information paper "green leaves ashisuto" to introduce imminent event and entertainment to on 1st every month and distribute at the next place.

  • Tokyu Denentoshi Line
    • Tana Station
    • Aobadai Station
    • Fujigaoka Station
    • Ichigao Station
    • Eda Station
    • Azamino Station
    • Tama-Plaza Station
  • Municipal subway
    • Azamino Station
Public facilities, others
  • District center (Yamauchi, Fujigaoka, Wakakusadai, Utsukushigaokanishi, Nara, Daiba Misuzugaoka, Tokaichiba, Nagatsuta, Tsuzuki)
  • Community house (Kamoshida, Satsukigaoka, Yamauchi, Katsura stand, Susukino, Aobadai, Mitakedai)
  • Library (Yamauchi, green, Tsuzuki)
  • Utsukushigaoka Park child log house
  • Shinishikawa sports hall
  • Green leaves sports center
  • Green leaves public hall
  • Bank of Yokohama (Aobadai, Ichigao, Tama-Plaza Branch)
  • Servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village "house of the four seasons"
  • Kawasaki citizen myujiamu
  • Tsuzuki Minka-en
  • Murmuring park old folk house
  • Kawasaki City Nihon Minka-en
  • Kodomonokuni
  • Utopia green leaves
  • Citizens of Kanagawa activity support center
  • Service counter in the city hall (Azamino Station, Nagatsuta Station)
  • Green leaves international exchange lounge
  • Aoba Ward Council of Social Welfare
  • Community care plaza (Eda, Satsukigaoka, Utsukushigaoka, Onda, Kamoshida, Daiba, Nara, Moegino, Aobadai, Tama-Plaza, Nagatsuta, viola Ichigao)
  • Showa University Fujigaoka Hospital
  • Showa University Fujigaoka rehabilitation hospital
  • Yokohama General Hospital
  • Inhabitant of a ward activity support center (Tsuzuki, green, Kohoku)
  • firiahoru
  • Art forum Azamino
  • The gender equality center Yokohama north
  • Toin University of Yokohama

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Offer of article

In "green leaves ashisuto," we raise information from all of you very much!

* Introduction of activity group, activity report
* Contributions such as haikus
* Saw in town; can I get a minute? story, episode
* Lifelong learning recommended information (recommended walking courses)

 We look forward to information from all of you.

Publication standard

(1) About contents
  1. Not being plan, run information in politics, religion, commercial purpose.
  2. Being information in conjunction with in Aoba Ward and lifelong learning to be carried out in neighborhood ward basically.
  3. Conditions such as contents or object can provide participation opportunity for inhabitant of a ward, citizen widely.
  4. Being amount of money that entrance fee is free or is appropriate.
(2) About publication applicant and host
  1. Politics, religion do not be for-profit activity group.
  2. Being activity group to center on toward person of Aoba Ward residence, attendance at school, working or them basically.
  3. Being public interest-like person of activity or group for inhabitant of a ward, citizen.
(3) Method of the choice
    Priority of publication is decided by editorial conference of origin of issuance.

(4) Selection criteria
  1. We give priority to event and event in ward, activity group.
  2. More general inhabitants of a ward give priority to thing which can participate.
  3. Publication in the year gives priority to the first thing.
  4. We assume publication to two times a year limit about the same group or the same event.
  5. The date assumes thing after issuance moon principle 5th.
(5) Cut-off of publication article
    Please send to arrive by the last day two months before publication hope month.

(6) Application for publication article
    Clearly stating address, full name, age, contact information, TEL, FAX of publication applicant, direct; "Aoba Ward
   Apply for inhabitant of a ward activity support center window by bringing or mail or FAX at the following.     

Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center "green leaves ashisuto" charge
〒225-0024 31-4, Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi (the first floor of the Aoba Ward government office)
 TEL. 978-3327 FAX. 972-6311
 [opening time] from Monday to Friday: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
          4 second Saturday: From 9:00 a.m. to the midday

[closed days] Saturday / Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays except 4 second Saturday

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