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We held the ceremony of the second green leaves brand authorization!

We held the ceremony of the second green leaves brand authorization!

 We did good flavor (nephew) in ward to be able to be proud of inside and outside the ward and were and authorized shop in "green leaves brand" this year.
 We chose in Certifying Council comprised of man of intelligence with connection in Aoba Ward from delicious shop 386 store which had you recommend authorized shop from all of residence, working, attendance at school in ward.
 We held authorized ceremony that served as announcement of authorized shop and conferred announcement and certificate on the chairperson Koji Ishizaka beginning from green leaves brand authorization committee.

As for the list of authorized stores (the first, the second), please see this (PDF, 466KB).

Green leaves brand authorization-type group photo

With green leaves brand

 We have you recommend "good shop" in Aoba Ward from inhabitants of a ward, and authorized committee related to ward chooses "green leaves brand" from that.
 There are 38 authorized shops and is sending as "charm of meal" of green leaves now inside and outside the ward.

We raise the second green leaves brand candidate stores! (finished)

Candidate store offer of 2017 was finished.
Thank you for your much application.

 We connect with brand value improvement of town of green leaves this year by offer authorizing delicious shop which we can recommend to inside and outside the ward with confidence in addition to store which we authorized in last year, and publicizing.
 When you arrive, in good shop in ward that inhabitants of a ward knows, please apply as candidate green leaves brand store.
 Certifying Council chooses from shop which had everybody recommend.

Application period from Tuesday, August 1 to Friday, September 15
Person at school residence, working in qualifications ward
Please tell good shop in application rule ○ ward. Self-recommendation, recommendation by others does not matter.
          ○Genre does not matter to restaurant sweets bakeries.
          ○Recommendation to the same store should be once chisel per person.

We apply on the application method method 1 Internet
             Please apply from Yokohama-shi electron application system.
             PC is this
             Smartphone is this

         We apply by method 2 mail, FAX
             After filling out full name, address, phone number of store name, place, contact information that you want to recommend to application paper and applicant, please send at the following.
             (you may have jikomi on the fourth floor of the ward office 74th window directly)

             Application paper ⇒⇒ PDF (423KB), word (17KB)

             We put application paper in the fourth floor of the Aoba Ward government office 74th window, public facilities in ward, station PR box in ward.

Delicious souvenir is presented from applicant by lot by 30 people!

Aoba Ward government office Regional Promotion Division green leaves brand charge
〒225-0024 31-4, Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku
           FAX: 978-2413

The first green leaves brand authorization store

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