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Table of contents anti-crime program according to field

Anti-crime program

[wire fraud related information]
[information urgent on July 31 on date: about telephone thought to be refund fraud]
We had inquiry on July 31 from Aoba Ward resident, and it was recognized that telephone thought to be refund fraud might receive a telegram a lot in ward. Please be careful about the following telephones.
<contents of telephone>
・It is received a telegram by person giving Saitoh of Aoba Ward welfare section on July 30.
・Because update procedure of designated incurable disease is not performed, refund of medical expenses from 2011 occurs.
We refund including bank account swing. If the remainder more than 500,000 yen is in account, fee is exempted.
・Because we succeeded, as for the duties about refund transfer, there is a telephone in bank from bank by the end of the morning of July 31.
<coping method>
Please talk with green leaves police department (972-0110) without question if you have such a telephone.
<from Aoba Ward government office>
There is not section called welfare section in Aoba Ward government office. In addition, we notify of news about refund by document and may not make such a call to all of you.

★Urgent news "wire fraud damage occurs in Aoba Ward! Please be careful."★
[case 1] (August 8, 2017 outbreak)
Is telephone from man who gives his Sasaki of Financial Services Agency business section; "fraud group was caught, and it was recognized that made a deal illegally. Want to collect bank card as your account may be used; with was said, and have handed bank card to man who came to home.
[case 2] (end of May, 2017 outbreak)
From person talking about grandchild "forgot bag. We received telephone saying important documents of school enter bag. We received telephone from person who talked about the station staff afterwards saying "wallet of grandchild was found, but other things were not found".
From person talking about grandchild again if "there are not documents of the school, is great. There was a phone call saying we want money to prepare as soon as possible and it was near at home and has handed man of criminal cash.
[case 3] (outbreak, similar trick occur two in March of the year in the middle of May, 2017)
As "another person was going to use bank card, you should turn off card from person giving employee of department store. We received telephone saying we want you to contact telephone 0 0 0-0 0 0 0 of Japanese Bankers Association. After contacting the phone number, it was said, "card was misused and submits the card to the police in evidence" and has handed bank card.
[case 4] (March 1, 2017 (one), 3rd (one) outbreak)

There is telephone, "there is refund of medical expenses " from person giving staff of Aoba Ward government office (medical insurance charge),
We have transferred cash to suspect designation account with ATM machine.
[case 5] (end of February, 2017 outbreak)
We received telephone, "we wanted you to hand over right to purchase stock of tire production sales company" from person who gave bank clerk.
Is telephone from person giving the company employee afterwards; "name lending is crime. It is said, 5 million yen is necessary for cancellation,
We were swindled out of 10 million yen in total.


[Aoba Ward wire fraud measures meeting]
Association of Aoba Ward Neighborhood Association, company in Aoba Ward, "Aoba Ward wire fraud measures meeting" by 38 associated groups including green leaves anti-crime program association were established about "wire fraud" that tendency to frequent occurrence was remarkable in Aoba Ward in future by the situation that increase of damage was concerned about led by elderly person. The ceremony of start was held in green leaves police department on June 12, 2017 and confirmed that we wrestled for information sharing such as the outbreak situation or trick of wire fraud, promotion of publicity work through this meeting in future.

["wire fraud" by FM sarusu information dispatch]
We broadcast the latest trick of wire fraud every day. Please inflect for local anti-crime program patrol.
"ao value Radio" from 11:00 to 11:20 (delivery time about 11:05)
"Afternoon SALUS" from 13:00 to 16:00 (delivery time about 14:00)

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