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Disaster prevention information

  • Evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter)

     We fix elementary and junior high school for evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter) and include function that we receive, and transmission, disaster prevention equipments store food of information and run by local administration committee.

  • Aoba Ward disaster preparedness plan (earthquake disaster measures)(June 1, 2013 revised edition) (PDF 5.45MB)

     Based on Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan (earthquake disaster measures) revised on April 1, 2013, stood on characteristic of Aoba Ward as thought that "reduce disaster damage" was basic by "reinforcement of human life top priority measures" about Aoba Ward disaster preparedness plan (earthquake disaster measures); revised.
    (Ver .1.03)
      We updated evacuation area and people unable to return home temporary stay facility.

Disaster prevention bean knowledge

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