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Safe how to use drug

Safe how to use drug

The direction for uses, instructions
We read carefully.
Illustration 58
When skin had
We wash well.
Illustration 65
We do not seem to drink by mistake
Illustration 59
After the dispersion hand and face
We wash with soap well.
Illustration 66
Food, tableware,
To toys
Do not run.
Illustration 60
Dirty clothing
We take off and wash.
Illustration 67
In right clothes
Illustration 61
Empty bottle, disposal of empty cans
We perform safely.
Illustration 68
Liquid, powder
Do not breathe,
Illustration 62
Of hand of children do not arrive
We keep in place.
Illustration 69
Dispersion by all means,
We perform from windward.
Illustration 63
With canned foods, food
Do not put together.
Illustration 70
In appreciation fish
Do not take.
Illustration 64
Of poisoning by accident
Emergency measure
We know.
Illustration 71

We read manual carefully, and let's be careful about the handling enough.

Do not mix cleaner!

Do not mix and is in danger!
"You mold and take, and, at the time of cleaning of bath and restroom, do you not use agent" with "tile cleaner" together because you become beautiful?

When we mix cleaner carelessly and use and use successively, poisonous gases occur.

We come to have a pain in eyes and,
We become choking suddenly and…
Very in danger.

We are good, but let's be careful about how to use cleaner when we clean!

Illustration 72
Illustration 73
-Attention - at the time of cleaning
"We mold we take agent" and "bleaching agent"
In time when it is short when we use!
We open window and are careful about ventilation!
We read carefully, and let's use precautions.
We are careful about poisoning accidents with waterproof spray!

 Poisoning accident with waterproof spray occurs recently.
 We become choking, and brain becomes painful, and, by use of waterproof spray, vomiting or fever may be seen.
 It is dangerous to use in the room and car sealed up.
 You read precautions well and use outdoors by all means, and please never use in the room.