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To owner of cat

susume of indoor breeding!

Do you not keep cat outside?

No, it is basic cat is in a room in modern house crowd place, and to keep.

Danger including traffic accident and infectious disease is full outdoors.
In addition, we may trouble local resident in feces and urine and can cause trouble.

Let's act as cat for complete indoor breeding to protect from danger and trouble in place where eyes of owner do not arrive.

In addition, we will soak collar, child's identification card well for verge that has flown by any chance.

Point of indoor breeding

We prepare for enacted place of vertically moving and place that can be relaxed and it is psychological and indoor can keep if we consider not to give physical stress.
Let's prepare next.
● Bed
  Small place likes cat. We establish towels to commercial house of degree to contain health completely or cardboard box. We can carry if we use carry cage as bed without giving stress including time to go to hospital.

● Restroom
  We prepare thing which put sand for cat in the restroom for commercial cat. Cat dislikes dirty restroom. We will always keep clean.

● We squeeze up and polish
  It is good-for-nothing for owner to sharpen nail at furniture and pillar, but this is one of the habits of cat, too. It will prepare exclusive notsumetogio as a substitute for in impossible one to stop.

● Amusement place
  Cat likes vertical motion. Let's use thing with difference in elevation including commercial cat tower well.

  (quotation : Ministry of the Environment "appropriate breeding guidelines on dog and cat in house crowd place")  

Let's do sterility castration operation!

Cat meets sexual excitement in about half a year, and delivery is enabled.
Numbers suddenly increase when we do not do sterilization because 2-3 times a year of delivery is possible.

It is very serious there is too many and keep, and to find new owner of lost cat.
Without plan letting you give birth, let's carry out sterility castration operation.

We recommend sterility castration operation for even indoor cat breeding having escaped by any chance, cry and the quarrel prevention of the mating season.

Appropriate breeding guidelines on Yokohama-shi cat